Giorgi and Mizinov won in Poděbrady

The winners of the 87th Podebrady Walking walking meeting were Italian Eleanora Giorgi and Russian independent racer Vasily Mizinov. National titles are taken by Anežka Drahotová and Lukáš Gdula.

The Women's Race had the same winner as last year. She was an Italian, Eleanor Giorgi, and the defense was indeed magnificent. She went to the lead right in the opening meters and only increased her lead. Alegna Gonzales was the only competitor who managed to keep up with her at least in the first five kilometers. Anežka Drahotová moved around the 12th position. By the middle of the track, Giorgi had already had a lead of 41 seconds before Gonzales, and Lithuanian Viva Vaiciukevičiute was in the bronze position. At that moment, fourteenth Drahotová lost nearly three minutes to leader. The first two rungs were basically clear, but the struggle for bronze was dramatized. Two kilometers ahead of the finish, Mira Ortiz of Guatemala caught up with Vaiciukevičiute. Giorgi won in new meet record 1:27:46. She improved her own record more than a minute and became a new european leader of this year.She is the fourth in the world top list. Gonzales defended the second place for 1:30:21 and Ortiz even pushed in on the podium for 1:31:38. The Fourth Vibrant Vaiciukevičiute (1:31:57) repeated her placement from last year. Anežka Drahotová finished at fifteenth place in the time 1:35:43 and won her fifth title of the Czech Republic Champion on this distance.

Also, the male contest had a defending champion last year. The German Christopher Linke has already won three times during the Poděbrady Walking meeting. It was he who broke the lead group in the fourth kilometer and gradually built up a solid lead, which in the middle of the race was twenty-six seconds ahead of Kevin Campion, Vasily Mizinov and Wayne Snyman. At that moment, Linke seemed to go for the fourth poděbrady triumph. But gradually his lead began to shrink. And at the fifteenth kilometer, the leading four had already gone together. French Kevin Campion was the first to fall off. During the eighteenth kilometer, the bronze medalist from the European Championship in Berlin Vasily Mizinov. The only one who could respond to his onset was Snyman. Linke gradually lost power. Mizinov kept his several-second lead over Snyman to the finish and enjoyed victory in 1:20:14. However, South Africa could be happy. Time 1:20:17 is his new career maximum. Linke held the third place (1:20:33), and it was the fifth podium in Poděbrady walking. The best Czech racer was nineteenth Lukáš Gdula (1:27:14). He also hung his fifth championship medal on the neck for 20 kilometers.

César Córdoba and Carlos Emiliano Mercenario, a pair of Mexicans, took the lead in the 10-kilometer race right from the start and very soon created a very strong lead over the rest of the field. However, during the fourth kilometer, Mercenario was disqualified and Córdoba remained alone. But that didn't bother him too much, and he kept increasing his lead. In the middle of the track, the other Briton, Christopher Snook, had lost him for fifty seconds. The best Czech representative Rostislav Rožnovský was in the group, which fought for fourth to eighth place. Córdoba's performance was absolutely sovereign, and at the eighth kilometer his lead was almost two minutes. On the other hand, the battle for second place was dramatized. The Italian Gabriele Gamba got ahead of Snook and the two guys went the final lap side by side. Meanwhile, César Córdoba, Mexico, has enjoyed a triumph of a new personal record of 41:24. After all, the dramatic battle for second place was better for Christopher Snook, who had more power at the end and took the silver position for 43:37. However, Gabriele Gamba was also satisfied with the third place and 43:41. Rostislav Rožnovský was also delighted to take sixth place and 44:03 to meet the nomination requirements for the start of the European Junior Championships in Borás, Sweden.

In the same category of girls, Rachelle de Orbeta, a Puerto Rican favorite, has long been in the lead. Twenty-two seconds ahead of her on two kilometers. However, this was at the expense of technology and was subsequently disqualified in the middle of the race. At that moment, Krala Serranová, a Mexican, followed her countryman Sofia Ramos and Andrada Lavinia Lacatus of Italy. Serran only raised her lead on the lead and went boldly for the triumph. On the contrary, Ramos gradually stumbled and was overtaken by Lacatus. Serrano no longer accepted the drama and won at 47:36. She was accompanied by Lavinia Andrada Lacatus (48:13) and Sofia Ramos (48:20).