Víme to jako první!!! Lugano Trophy Memorial Mario Albisetti - 16.ročník, 17.březen 2019 

Tradiční "Lugano Trophy Memorial Mario Albisetti"  - 16.ročník,  se v roce 2019 uskuteční v neděli 17.března 2019. Čeká se jěště na potvrzení od Města Lugano, kvůli uzavření hlavní třídy na straně u jezera.

20180311 lugano trophy jgenet 3636Dear Josef and Ivo,

As we discussed on the phone last week, I met today the other members of the LOC. I can then confirm that «Lugano Trophy – Memorial Mario Albisetti» will take place as usual mid of March also in 2019.

We are still waiting the confirmation of the Municipality of Lugano for closing the main road on the lakeside on Sunday morning, March 17th 2019, but we are almost convinced that they will do it.

The meeting will be inserted in the international calendar of EAA and IAAF and will be valid for qualifying for the main walking events of next year (international judges, official measurement of the circuit and doping controls).

Looking forward to host also the Czech National Team in Lugano, I wish you all the best for Christmas and the end of 2018.

Best regards


Daniele Albisetti