10.000m walk on the track for 4th round Ia II. men's league, SK Nové Město nad Metují

On Saturday, July 14, 2018, "pedaling" in the 4th round of I. and II. athletic leagues of men's teams on the 400m tartan oval at the SK Nové Město nad Metují stadium.

Petr Adam, who is a guest in the AK Bílina jersey this year, set a very good track ten in warm weather in 1: 06: 04.75 hours. Lenka Borovičková won the women's race with an overview and a big lead with a time of 58: 05.19min. 

Comment by MUDr. Petr Brandejský:  A popular track race, organized by the local athletics team under the leadership of Mr. L. Šnajdr and former representative and now successful coach David Šnajdr, organized as the penultimate walking round I. and II. League, attracted 10 men and 000 women to the start of the 38 m main course this year, and another 3 pedestrians and 5 pedestrian in the frame competitions.

In the absence of extra-league competitors, the favorite was the home junior Vojtěch Libnar, who with a great acceleration after the 8th km clearly moved away from the only competitor Rostislav Kolář from Hranice and won in 49: 11.0 min; Kolář reached a time of 49: 56.1 min. followed in a personal record of 52: 12.6 min by Porub youth Filip Kašťovský, followed closely by domestic veteran David Šnajdr (52: 15.7 min). The big time lag was in the next order - domestic veterans Jiří Jon (53: 55.2 min), Miroslav Fliegl from Prague Olympus (53: 56.9 min) and Tomáš Vojtíšek from Moravian Slavia Brno (56: 32.7 min) and the upcoming thirties, former champion and Czech representative Jakub Zajíc from Sokol Kolín, who trains only conditionally and has also completed a one-year study stay in China (57: 01.2 min). A total of 57 men got under the hour - still home junior Kryštof Schubert (47.3: 58 min) and M42.3 veteran Josef Kalát from Bílina (12: 59 min). The oldest participant, former national team member and multiple medalist from the veteran World Championships and European Championships, Vladimír Kánský (12.8 years old), won 60th place in 59: 59.5 min; in the end, the newcomer from AC Turnov Filip Horký came in at the tourist pace in 78th place in 20: 65 min; The race was completed in the middle of the track by the Czech youth hall champion Petr Dušek (unofficially 04.9:37 min). Veteran Lenka Borovičková from the section PITCH WALKING PRAGUE clearly dominated the three women (58: 05.2 min) in front of veteran Martina Netolická from Liberec (62: 48.8 min) and former youth and junior champion Petra Jeniková from Spartak Prague 4, who is returning to her previous performance after health problems (62: 59.9 min - on the circuit already 59:43 min). On the 3 m women's track, the youth medalist Jana Zikmundová from AC Turnov (000: 4 min) and 17 m junior Karolína Holičová from AC Rumburk (10.9: 5 min) won. The judges, led by František Párys, a well-known Liberec pedestrian and official, had a lot of work to do; at least half of pedestrians received proposals for exclusion ("red card") for obvious violations of the rules, with the exception of an unbound knee (not only veterans!), but there was no disqualification, because the required 000 red cards were not met for anyone. Afternoon temperature around 31 degrees. C had a somewhat adverse effect on the times achieved, but the conditions were the same for all pedestrians. Former junior representative Marek Blažek secured the timekeeping flawlessly with his company Sportovní servis / Apachi (personal record for 11.4 km 3:25 min), the times were available on the finish line continuously and the results immediately after the race. The top three competitors in each category were rewarded at a ceremony by the main organizers. The race was a success - long live the 10th year of 43!