Date: Saturday 22 October 2022 / am Samstag, den 22 October 2022

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Proposition Watch FINAL CZ

AC PRAGUE 1890 collection.

organized in collaboration

with SMOLA ŚZE zs and APACHI service for sports events

Walking races

Prague pedestrian watch 9th year

                  Walking races: Athletic training for boys 1000 m

                                                                             girls 1000 m

                                                                        Ml. Pupils 2000 m

                                                                        Ml. Schoolgirl 2000 m

                                                                        St. Pupils 3000m

                                                                        St. female student 3000 m

                                                                        Adults 5000 m

                                                                        Teenage girls 3000 m

                                                                        Juniors 5000 m

                                                                        Junior girls 3000 m

                                                                        Men 5000 m

                                                                        Women 5000 m

                                                                        Men 1 hour

                                                                        Women 1 hour

Date:           22.10. 2022

Start time: 10:00 a.m. 1000 + 2000 m

                        10:25 3000 + 5000 m

                        11:10 1 hour - first wave

                        12:30 1 hour – second wave (with a larger number of starters)

Start location: AC Prague 1890 stadium  ul. U Pekařky 20 Prague 8
Track description: tartan surface   a circuit measuring 250 m

Presentation: AC Prague 1890 stadium 

                       Race office open from 9:00            

Officials:       Ved. project: Ing. Josef Smola, Head of plant: František Zouhar senior.

                        Tech. director: Ing. Peter Adam. Timer - Sportovní Marek Blazek

                        Announcer: Marek Blažek Health worker: František Zouhar Jr.

 Applications:      Sports service:


 Entry fee:      Prep. Preschoolers, teenagers, free, others voluntary

 Prices:            Forever             


The 9th Prague Walking Watch will take place on Saturday, October 22, 2022 at the AC PRAGUE 1890 stadium in Prague Liben

We are preparing proposals and details. Genaue description also details can be prepared.

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