The Open Berlin-Brandenburg Championships are located on Saturday, January 15, 2022 in the Rudolf-Harbig Hall. All age classes. 



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Dates and applications for indoor walking races in Jablonec nad Nisou 2022 / Competition events and registration for indoor events in Jablonec nad Nisou 2022

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from the LKAS indoor term, I chose races where there should be walking:

26.1.2022 - 4th hall Wednesday, 3 m walk of all categories

29.1.2022 - LKAS championship in walking in the hall of all categories 2 m to 000 m on foot

9.2.2022 - 6th hall Wednesday, 3 m walk of all categories

I would like to remind you that an application is required for all races (including the indoor center this year) in advance! over

Given that I will most likely act as a target camera technician at all of these races, I hereby address all judges' walks with a request for assistance in ensuring the smooth running of the above-mentioned races. Please let me know who you would be willing to come to decide to ensure a regular and smooth race.


František Párys

+420 732 746 808

Status: January 5, 2022, indeadlines, etc without warranty / Stand: January 5, 2022, ALL ETC TERM, WITHOUT PROTECTION

TERMÍNOVKA 2022 v .pdf / Wettkampftermine 2022 in .pdf 

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15.01. 2022: BERLIN - Hallengehen

Open Championship Berlin-Brandenburg, Harbig-Halle Berlin


13.02. 2022: PRAGUE - Stromovka - Hallengehen

Czech Championship, youth, adults, Otakar Jandera Hall - Prague Stromovka


20.-27. 02. 2022: BRAGA / PORTUGAL - ME MASTERS indoor, Hallengehen + Straßengehen

3.000m hall, 5km road


04.-05. 03. 2022: MASKAT / OMAN - World Championships in walking MASTERS

10km & 2 x 2km Mix relay


06. 03. 2022: RUMBURK - Bahngehen, in case there will be no snow and ice / falls es kein Schnee und Glatteis liegt

3000m / 5000m / 10 000m / 20 000m track


12.03. 2022: M-CR indoor MASTERS, Hall Ostrava - Vítkovice

3.000m hall


02.04.2022: PODĚBRADY WALKING - M-CR 20km



10km - 1st round walk for extra league, I. and II. league

World Athletics Race Walking Tour BRONZE Level


23.04.2022: Dudinská 50 + Championship of Slovakia adults on 20km and 35km - DUDINCE / Slovakia

World Athletics Race Walking Tour GOLD Level



INTERNATIONAL TERM 2022-25 in .pdf / International Gehsportkalender 2022-25 in .pdf 

TERM 2022:500X333 03 martinkova1

02.01.2022: 4th competition with 1/3/5 / 10km roads of the winter series of RWV Rotterdam in ROTTERDAM / NED


08.01.2022: Hallen-Landesmeisterschaften THÜRINGEN 3.000m-Bahngehen in der Hartwig-Gauder-Halle in ERFURT-Steigerwald / GER


08.01.2022: Hallen-Landesmeisterschaften v. SACHSEN-ANHALT 1.000m / 3.000m / -5.000m-Bahngehen (11.00h-15.00h) in der LA-Halle Brandberge in HALLE / Saale / GER


15.01.2022: Berlin-Brandenburgische Hallen-Meisterschaften 3.000m-Bahngehen in der Rudolf-Harbig-Halle in BERLIN / GER


15.01./16.01.2022: Hessian hall championships with 3.000m train in the LA-Halle Kalbach in FRANKFURT-Kalbach / GER

15.01.2022: 16.10h: 3.000m-Bahngehen W; 16.40 pm: 3.000 m railway station M


15.01.2022: Wettkampf 3.000m-Bahngehen (Start: 10.00h; Nominal connection 10.01.2022 about the ÖLV online distribution system) in the Südstadt Stadium in MARIA ENZERSDORF-Südstadt / Niederösterreich / AUT


PITCH WALK wishes good luck, health and much success to all athletes and fans in 2022.

SMOLA CHŮZE zs wish all athletes and fans good luck, health and many successes in 2022 year.

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Horst and Maria Kiepert, the great hosts of Josef Smola in Biburg near Augsburg.

In the run-up to Christmas, he invited Horst Kiepert (MBB-SG AUGSBURG) friend Josef Smol (PRAGUE WALKING PRAGUE) to visit his home in Biburg near Augsburg. Horst and Maria Kiepert prepared a great program, which included training in addition to a tour of Augsburg, and time was left to talk about something other than walking. Horst and Maria Kiepert were great hosts.

In addition to the incredible balance sheet of Horst Kiepert, who already runs an incredible 55 le !! t !, and will probably become an athlete with the most racing starts ever at the end of this year (tomorrow) !! With its unmistakable long (huge) stride and always perfect style. Horst started walking in Potsdam and even coached Ronald Weigel (the current coach of the German pedestrian team) in the youth categories, where 5-7 young pedestrians trained regularly in his group. Horst has been living happily with his wife Maria in Biburg near Augsburg for 25 years.

One of Horst 's nice home training tracks, leading along the bike path we are onand together they slid a beautiful light morning training: 8km breeding + 10 x 200m:

Biburg 1

This time, the city of Augsburg lacked, as everywhere, Christmas markets, but a visit to the restaurant fortunately, following the 2G + rule was not a problem:Augsburg am Abend



Also very interesting is Horst's collection of paintings (pictures below) with walking themes, the author of which is the former famous Italian pedestrian Raffaelo Ducceschi, now living as an artist:Horst at home 1






Horst image 2Horst image 1