Will the Czech walking duo MARTÍNKOVÁ - HLAVÁČ use the unique opportunity to fight their way through Saturday's qualification in Dublin for the Paris Olympics?  


22.6. will be packed with events from the perspective of a Czech walking fan. Another round of the Mudr Cup will be held in Rumburk. Brandeis Walking Day with a super fun 30 minute relay.

The MU Czech Republic - Croatia - Hungary - Poland - Slovakia will take place in Brno with the Czech quartet Klimentová - Franklová / Kukla - Novák. Boredom awaits our representatives in Brno, but 25 challenging circuits in the stadium.  But the main attraction will clearly be the fight for the last ticket to Paris.

Big relayThe final round of the fight for participation in the Olympic walking relay will take place at the Morton Stadium in Dublin, Ireland. Our team consisting of Hlaváč - Martínková is currently in the first non-progressive place (3:08:52). The first 22 relay teams automatically advanced from the WC in Antalya. The next 3 progress over time. Already in November of last year, it was clear that one of the so-called "timed" places was taken by Ecuador with a performance of 2:56:49. The Ecuadorian walkers did not even bother to start in Antalya and competed on the tracks for individuals. The position of Peru was also quite clear, having qualified for 99% at the same race in Santiago de Chile - 3:01:14. So there is only one place left for the rest of the world. In Antalya, Portugal reached this position. The performance of 3:08:44 is easier to achieve, the Americans already tried to attack the time at home, but their result was 13 seconds slower than the Portuguese. Immediately after the Turkish race, the Irish created a special "last minute race" at the stadium, where practically anyone could sign up. The race was put on the WA calendar immediately after the Turkish championships and meets all the requirements.

At the moment, the starting line consists of 7 applicants for an Olympic ticket and one international team of walkers who simply want to try. New Zealander Arnika Nelson and Irishman Joe Mooney do not have the performance to fight for an Olympic chance, but the relay is an interesting format and worth trying.

The fight and the only place will be very open. One can expect a minute better performance than the Portuguese one and it is more of a surprise that the Portuguese did not sign up and won't secure a place in Paris. The climatic conditions of hot April Antalya and Irish Dublin cannot be compared, this plays into the cards for Saturday's race.

The biggest favorite will undoubtedly be the team Kenya A. Kireri Gathimba although he does not have any international races this year, he only did free twenties in Nairobi and also an unremarkable top ten by his standards in 40:34 in Nairobi. At an altitude of over 1700 m.a.s.l.. This competitor is among those who met the limit for the Olympics last year, he can run 20 km in under 79 minutes and in the past he was, for example, third at the WC in Oman. He should have no competition among the men in Dublin. She will be his partner  Ngia, which in 2021 was able to get below the 91 minute mark for 20 km. Her form and current performance is purely speculation, she too has performances only from Nairobi, 10m was sub 000 min. However, Gathimba's level is completely different from other men. As the race in Turkey showed, where the Canadian woman was significantly slower than the others, you can progress even in this way when a man has the performance of Evan Dunfee. And Gathimba has that.

Relay 2 LargeThe biggest opponents of the Kenyans should be the Czech pair of Vít Hlaváč and Eliška Martínková. According to this year's ORs, both are doing very well. As we all know, it will be primarily about whether Eliška can maintain the technique. If so, they would be able to improve their performance from Antalya by a few minutes. If Eliška goes for example at the level of 46:30 and Vítek adds his standard this year, the Kenyans will have a lot to do. After all, Ngii does not reach the quality of Eliška. Men and referees will decide.

It is just behind the performance of ours Greek pair (In Turkey 3:10:11). Protégé of Slovak coach Spišiak Papa michail although he did not finish at the European Championships, this year he recorded a performance of 1:21:55, which is de facto 2 minutes better than Hlaváč. His partner Tsinopoulou she has this year's top ten sub 44:36 min (Martínková 43:24), but she did not get under 20:1:33 for 00 km and thus loses significantly to Martínková. However, she does not have technical problems like our competitor.

The third in the party in the fight for the Paris ticket will most likely be the pair from Kazakhstan. Sheik he recorded 1:22.47 in Dudince and has a de facto minute lead over Vítek. She will be his partner Morozova. In Dudince, she showed 1:33:10. The Kazakhs scored in Antalya 3: 11: 19, they lost so significantly to our pedestrians. However, like ours, they have gained experience and must be reckoned with.

The home team will also want to fight for a place Brendan Boyce and Kate Veale. Those in Antalya did not finish because of Brendan's injury, but the desire to start under the Eiffel Tower is great, Boyce recovered quickly and has to try. However, in terms of performance, they should be out of the progression category.

The pair from Hong Kong showed 3:22.04 in Antaylia and their attempt is more on the theoretical level.

The second couple from Kenya will also be among the participants, but even there there is a chance at the level of fantasy.

It's going to be a great race in Dublin. The refereeing team has a difficult task ahead of them. A strict meter can be expected. Only one team can go to Paris, and technically the walk in Paris must pass.

All the teams learned in Antayla that the race really ends at the finish line. The Brazilians fought for the title, instead they ended up in PZ for 3 minutes. The Slovakian pair Burzalová - Černý went out of the way, everything changed in the last 2 kilometers, when the judges were in charge again...

We wish ours fast feet and above all great technique. They caught 4 penalty minutes in Antayla. If he can avoid this, Olympic participation might not be just a dream for Vítek. Eliška is already sure of the start.

Let's see who in Dublin will be holding the ticket to Paris. Czech colors would stand out beautifully on the fields of Mart... 🙏



Ostrava hosted the Czech Youth, Junior and Junior Women's Championship, the so-called "Gigant", last weekend.


PuppetThe pedestrian competitions were opened by the junior 5m race, followed by the junior 000m. They were also the first medals to be distributed in Ostrava.

5000 walkers signed up for the 5m adult race, including the biggest favorite Mochal from Liberec. All athletes are in the junior category for the first year. He immediately went to the front Dan Mochal. He constantly struggled with him for leadership Marek Rösler from Mladá Boleslav (tr. Prückner). Behind them, Turnovsky tried to maintain a fast pace Ondřej Plecháček (tr. Cermáková). The first kilometer was in 4:36 and the leading trio had already significantly separated from the other two competitors. In fourth place, the Rumburský went completely alone Vojtěch Vejvančicky, who was in a difficult situation. The girls and the fifth of the opponents were significantly slower, but the pace of 4:36 is still beyond his strength. He didn't start badly at all, 4:53 is solid. After the finish line of three kilometers, Plecháček quickly started to fall away from the leading three, even so he managed to get bronze in a new high-quality OR of 23:54.63.

After the next 400 m, even Rösler started to lose, while Mochal, František Párys's protégé, who is currently training in Italy with Kateřina Čermáková's group, managed to increase the pace. You went in a great OR 22:46:04 for the win. He managed to improve by a minute from the hall. He is still a minute short of Jarda Morávek's championship record, but next year, if he keeps walking and continues to work on his speed, he can easily get under the championship record. Rösler from Mladá Boleslav won the second place, also in a high-quality personal car - 23:23.96, which is a minute better than the spring five in Poděbrady. He finished in fourth place in OR Vejvančický, and he continues to gradually improve. The performance of 25:16.31 is also a track personal record. USK Praha competitor Richard Zajíček managed 30:29 in his third walking start under 56.23 minutes.

13 teenagers signed up, one didn't take part in the race in the end. The girls started in a joint race with teenagers. She immediately took the lead Eliška Říhová from Frýdek-Místek. She already managed to get under 26 min - 25:49.54 at MMaS and was trying to further improve the OR. That didn't work this time, Eliška won supremely in 26:15.67, but her performance is pleasing. Another female coach of Nejezchleb will take the silver to Frýdek Eliška Kokořová in a new personal best of 27:03.39, when she improved by almost 2 minutes. She took the bronze medal and the new OR to Šternberk Nela Skupieńová - 28:28.64. Only 30 teenagers were able to get under 5 minutes, and it is questionable whether a competitor with a performance on the verge of 35 minutes belongs to the MČR.

Then, already on a sunny and warm day, the junior men and women stood on the starting line. The start of 4 juniors was an indisputable success compared to last year, when it was not possible to organize the race due to the low number of entries. The aspirant for the title was the only competitor. ANDlbert Kukla, coach Ketner's protégé, is in a different performance category. Kukla, who came to Ostrava straight from the Tatras and immediately returned there, tried to break the race to the limit for the U20 WC in Lima. In warm weather and in a solo race, it was too much of a task. Nevertheless, he showed excellent preparation and improved the championship record to 43:32.82. Albert's performance was arguably the best pedestrian performance of the day. Unfortunately, it is still behind the 42:00 limit. If the limit were set according to Hungarian tables identical to the performance for junior women (47:00), it would have to be at the level of 42:42. Albert already performed 42:44 this year. Unfortunately, the performance required after the juniors is significantly harder than the women's limit, which shows how much more difficult it is to succeed in the men's categories with more competition. Albert is a quality competitor with a great somatotype and if we don't discourage him, we have great potential in him.

Another boy from Frydek, a first-year junior, ran out for the silver medal. Vojtěch Novák. The performance of 47:16.14 is at a similar level as Albert walked last year. Vojta achieves good results and gradually improves, but technically he has a lot to work on. The very wobbly upper half of the body needs to be calmed down and the energy directed to moving forward. The bronze went to Dukla with merit Vojtěch Peroutka. 54:18.73. Tomáš Gloser from Hradec went in fourth place for the new OR -57:42.59.

Klimentova5 juniors signed up. She was the clear favorite Ema Klimentová. However, the course of the race was definitely not that clear. Ema has fulfilled the limit from Antalya to Lima with a very high-quality performance of 46:28.

This year confirms further gradual improvement. She spread the race in T 4:35 and walked together with Vojta Novák. Unusually, she started the race a little more freely and independently Elizabeth Frankl. And a slightly looser beginning suited her. She was able to gradually reduce the loss of up to 19 seconds and even took the lead just before the 3000m finish line. And not for a while. Klimetnová slowed down and Franklová started to leave her. She held onto her hope for the title for a long time. Klimentová was losing up to 15 seconds, but 4 laps before the end she managed to catch up with Franklová again, she quickly overtook the stiffening Bětka and easily won in 48:29.18. Franklová could celebrate a new personal record of 49:01.09. Both wards of coach Čermák demonstrated a dramatic fight and deserve great praise. Klimentová for her mental attitude, when she was able to return to the race and turn it in her favor, Franklová for her performance and successful change of racing strategy. She already won the bronze with great access Lucie Krinwaldová from Mladá Boleslav - 58:15.33 (tr. Šolc). The fourth Ema Kyselicová again came under 60 minutes and came close to Krinwaldová - 58:46.56. Even the fifth Smolíková could rejoice in OR - 61:10.23.

It is pleasing that no one was disqualified during the races. The best of the juniors will be able to try for further quality performances this Saturday in Brno at MU. The right to start is given to the first 2 male and female competitors. Those who are close to Brno and will not be at the Walking Festival in Rumburk, can come and cheer at "Palačák". The start of the joint race is at 10:00.  


4th round of the Cup Dr. Peter Brandejský and at the same time the Feast of Walking on the Track in Rumburk already this Saturday 22.6.2024/XNUMX/XNUMX


The memorial of Dr.Peter Brandejský continues with the 4th round on Saturday, June 22.6.2024, 1 with the Walking Festival race in Rumburk. Tracks from 000 to 5 m.

Come and fight for another point allocation in the competition!

Walking holiday Rumburk






The second peak of this season, at least for European male and female athletes, began on June 7.6. in the capital of the Italian metropolis. Rome welcomed the competitors with 30ºC temperatures.

The first set of medals was awarded in the women's walking twenty. The Italians bet that home star Palmisano, the Olympic champion, will try to win their first title.

After many years, walking returned to the athletics stadium. The start of the race was "in the shadow" of the main stadium, the circuit revolved around the iconic warm-up stadium, which surrounds a total of 36 statues. The circuit was full of spectators in all places that were accessible to the public, and female pedestrians could look forward to a great atmosphere.

a0231fb0 b6d3 4ea8 83e8 346b040bf26d file sm cz ech24rome day1 2 003 Antonella Palmisano dictated the pace from the start. To our delight, our competitor Eliška Martínková was also in the leading group. She entered the race encouraged by great performances from Slovakia (I wrote here (https://smolachuze.cz/index.php/cs/755-slovensky-chodecky-dvojboj-p-t-s-banska-bystrica-zahoracka-20-25-26-05-2024 ).

After 20 minutes, the leading group had only eight members. Palmisano and Trapletti represented Italy, 2 Ukrainians - Olyanovska / Sobchuk, Spanish Garcia - Caro/ Montesinos, French Beretta and our Martínková. Eliška walked very smartly, hidden among her rivals. Palmisano only exceptionally let someone in front of her, from the beginning it was sharply sub 4:30/km. Sobchuk soon started to fall away, on the contrary, the French champion from the ME U23 Stey gradually caught up. The leading group passed through the top ten in an intermediate time of 44:35.  After 11 kilometers, Palmisano shifted into a higher gear, passed the others and forced the group of female pursuers to go to the very edge of their capabilities. The pace of 4:25 was fatal for our competitor. Eliška could not maintain her technique, during the kilometer she collected 3 reds and another yellow very quickly and recommended herself to the penalty zone. The chance for a great result and OR was gone.

The dominant leader Palmisano cruised to the European title with a performance of 1:28:08. Second place went to the oldest of the Italian women, Trapletti. Although she alternately dropped out of the group fighting for medals, she always managed to come back and finally snatch the suffering Spaniard García-Caro. Both competitors took over the flags of their countries before leaving for the tunnel leading to the stadium. While the Italian's position was quite clear and the silver in 1:28:37 was clear, not only the competitor, but also her team, completely failed García-Caro. No one warned her that Ukraine's Olyanovska and France's Moutard were close and only 8-10 seconds behind. Moutard was no longer able to pull the Spaniard down, but Frthe bravo desire of record holder Pražská Hodinovka Olyanovska for a medal made the Ukrainian woman to a heroic finish. The tremendous frequency at which Lyudmila flew across the blue mond was mesmerizing. Literally in the last 10m, she rushed over the unsuspecting Spaniard, for whom the fourth place is a great lesson.

A completely absurd protest was subsequently filed by the Spanish expedition. A walking leader can DQ anyone in the last few meters of a race or just after its completion. It did not happen. Nevertheless, the Spaniards pointed to the slow-motion footage where the Ukrainian was in the air and asked for disqualification. And they were oblivious to the fact that their pedestrians are also in the air during "slow motion". Unfortunately, this case is really unpleasant and the protest filed will certainly not serve our discipline.

Unlike the EC in Espoo last year, Eliška Martínková was able to finish the race. After being in the penalty zone, she slowed down, walking kilometers at the level of 4:39 and at this pace she was already able to walk without violating the rules. At the finish line, she placed 11th with a time of 1:31:58. The competitor herself praised herself after the race for her ability to keep up with the best. Unfortunately, I cannot agree with her. The 3 red cards are a continuation of the situation from the big events, where she had problems in the past, and unfortunately they are only a continuation of the performance from the World Cup of walking teams. There, our team fighting for the Olympic Games collected 4 penalty minutes for 4 targets. Eliška stood for 3 minutes in PZ, then Vít Hlaváč for a minute. Unfortunately, the fourth card was not his, but Elišky's, but it came at the moment when Vítek had already taken over the baton. Before the second chance to qualify for our relay, which will take place on June 22.6. in Dublin, our pair will be under a lot of pressure. Especially in Eliška's presentation, it will be better to go more freely and not push the saw so much. Collecting red cards and losing a lot more at a high tempo may not be worth it.

7075e31f bdc7 4baa 978f 6a0f35720289 file sm cz ech24rome day2 2 016 The very next day, Saturday, the men lined up for their start. No one was missing from the European elite. And no one doubted who would fight for victory. The Swedish viking Persy Karlström left no one in doubt as to who is the current king of not only European walking. Between 10 and 15 km, the Spanish youngster McGrath, the winner of last year's "twenty-three" in Espoo, tried to catch Persy, but The Swede was able to pull off every start and after 15 km he confidently took the lead. Persy hung the European gold around his neck for a performance of 1:19:13. McGrath, a huge talent of world walking, crossed the finish line 18 seconds back. Francesco Fortunato could enjoy bronze and another medal for Italy in 1:19:54.

The most interesting performance of the race day was presented by the trio fighting for 4th - 6th place. The trio of Bordier - Quinion (both FRA) together with the Finnish walker Partanen gradually collected 6 evenly distributed cards and the final battle was thus more than open. A gap of 4 seconds between the three pedestrians offered the drama of the last kilometer. Bordier fared best, giving Partanenna 7 seconds. In an attempt to hold on to the opponents, Quinion did not master the technique and the referees were officiating. Arriving at the stadium in the dark tunnel, PZ No. 2 was set up and Quinion recommended himself there. He could only watch as more and more pedestrians passed by him. He eventually finished in 1:22:38 in 12th place.

Slovak pedestrian Černý performed an interesting trick. In a huge finish at the stadium, he flew on the back of the Spaniard García, who walked in the leading group for the first 11 km. Then came the great crisis and the Spaniard was glad when the race was over. He was checking his inner lane when Black came rushing past him on the chessboard from the outside and beat the Spaniard by a thousandth. However, unlike his teammate, the Spaniard (didn't) fight only for 13th place, the loss of which is less regrettable than the loss of the bronze medal.

Vítek Hlaváč performed excellently. He is experiencing the season of his life and he confirmed it even in Rome. 19th place is not a hole in the world, but Vítek performed 1:23:53, which is only 15 seconds behind his OR from this year's Poděbrady. Vítek confirmed this year's improvement and his performance from the top twenty is a huge promise for the autumn and spring races of 35 km. The Czech record of 2:32:50 is already shaking in its foundations, and Vítek can confidently think of a finish well below 2:30:00.

The appearance of Czech pedestrians is thus very contradictory. If it weren't for the 3 cards, Eliška would deserve huge praise. Unfortunately, recurring problems with technology do not encourage optimism. There is still time to do something about it before the Olympics, which are waiting for Eliška. This is not very good news for the relay. Panyway, we'll keep our fingers crossed for our pair in Dublin and wish them the best of luck. The relay is a very interesting format and it would be a shame if our pedestrians were missing under Eiffel Street. Vítek's performance at the 1st Atak OR at the main event of the year is great and he deserves to participate in Paris for last year's combativeness in Poděbrady and this year's excellent results. Paris would simply suit the Czech colors. In less than 2 weeks, we will see how the entire qualification turned out.

The race confirmed the trend of recent years. The weather doesn't change, the pace is fast. Anyone who can't cope with the sun has no chance. The best can do it in any weather. Our Martínková deserves praise there. In the past, she did not hide that higher temperatures did not suit her. However, repeated training camps in the heat of the Canary Islands probably helped Eliška learn to compete in the heat.  Big events take place in the summer and you have to accept that. Whoever doesn't succeed has no chance. The time when going "slowly" towards the destination in Doha is definitely a thing of the past. With the way the pedestrians are set up today, the Qatar race would look very different.

We saw beautiful races in Rome. But it was just an appetizer before what awaits us in 2 months in Paris. There is something to look forward to.

After the 3rd round of the cup, MARTIN NEDVÍDEK takes the lead in the men's category (M45) from AC Rumburk and NOEMI MAJÁK (W14/15) continued to hold the top spot in women's! / After the 3rd Round of the Pokals, MARTIN NEDVÍDEK takes over the men's leadership (M45) aus Rumburk und bei der Frauen NOEMI MAJÁK (W14/15) hält die erste Position weiter!


After the traditional "Brandýs" is held, the current status of the Petr Brandejský Cup is available. The author of the scoring tables, Udo Schaeffer, is to blame for this, as he took the initiative to score the 5 and 10 km tracks right after the race. Thank you!!

Wir bedankan uns beim Udo Schaeffer recht herlzich, der uns gleich nach dem Bewerb in Prag-Satalice für both Strecken (5km, 10km) Punkent perfekt sortiert hat!!

Processing of the table / Auswerten: František Párys // Scoring system / Punktsystem: Udo Schaeffer - www.geherpokal.de

IMG 5458

Cup status after the 3rd round / Stand nach 3. Runde des Pokales:

Pore.: Name Category Club/Country Poděbrady DHD Prague-Brandýs   total
1 NEDVIDEK Martin M45 AC Rumburk, zs   98 111   209
2 PLECHÁČEK Ondřej M 16 / 17 AC Turnov, coll 87   87   174
3 KÓLÁŘ Rostislav M35 SK Hranice zs   84 85   169
4 ŠOLC Ludek M 60 AC Mladá Boleslav zs 83   85   168
5 KALÁT Josef M65 AK Bílina   80 79   159
6 ADAM Peter M 70 SK Nové Město nad Metují 67   68   135
7 KOVANDA Jiří M 75 TJ Lokomotiva Beroun zs 67 67     134
8 RÉŽÁBEK Michal M Spartak Prague 4 66   68   134
9 HUNGARIAN Jan M SK Nové Město nad Metují 63   66   129
10 BIRD Jaroslav M75 ASK Děčín   58 60   118
11 HERMAN Zbyněk M 55 Locomotive FOSFA Břeclav 61   54   115
12 LAPKA Miloslav M65 TJ Sokol České Budějovice      115   115
13 SCHRÖTER Uwe M 65 Germany 102       102
14 ROSENBAUM Lukas M 16 / 17 Slovakia 101       101
15 HOOD Albert M18 / 19 USK Brno     100   100
16 Simon of Bátov M 16 / 17 Slovakia 95       95
17 LIBERTAS LIBERTAS M 16 / 17 lithuania 94       94
18 SCHMIDT Matt M 16 / 17 Germany 94       94
19 ROHRSSEN Lasse M 16 / 17 Germany 92       92
20 MENCEL Thomas M Slovakia 92       92
21 FREEDOM Hynek M 14 / 15 Athletics Poruba zs 88       88
22 Bad luck Joseph M60 PITCH WALK Prague     88   88
23 FLIEGL Miroslav M70 PSK Olymp Prague, zs     86   86
24 HLOH Jaromír M Locomotive FOSFA Břeclav     86   86
25 RÖSLER Marek M 16 / 17 AC Mladá Boleslav zs 85       85
26 HARE Jan M 70 Hvězda Pardubice zs 42 43     85
27 LUNIEWSKI Mirosław M 65 poland 84       84
28 TSE Chun Hung M 40 Hong Kong 83       83
29 MALIK Ondrej M 60 Slovakia 82       82
30 VEJVANČICKÝ Vojtěch M 16 / 17 AC Rumburk, zs 81       81
31 JANOUSEK Jiří M 70 TJ Jiskra Otrokovice 81       81
32 HEJKRLÍK Filip M 45 Athletic Club Ústí n/L. zs 80       80
33 SCHAEFFER Udo M70 Germany     79   79
34 MAREK Stanislav M 80 TJ Spartak Třebíč, club 41 37     78
35 STRAWMAN Arnošt M 14 / 15 AK Slovan Duchcov 78       78
36 MAŁECKI Waldemar M 65 poland 77       77
37 SAULGRIEZIS Ilmars M 65 latvia 77       77
38 KROMPAŠČIK Šimon M 16 / 17 Slovakia 76       76
39 GIEBELER Helmut M 70 Germany 76       76
40 DRY Pavel M45 SK Čtyři Dvory České Budějovice     74   74
41 MOUSE Miroslav M 14 / 15 TJ Slezan Frýdek-Místek, coll 73       73
42 LEHMANN Stefan M 70 Germany 73       73
43 Jakub HARE M35 TJ Sokol Kolín-athletics   32 40   72
44 JÓN Jiří M55 SK Nové Město nad Metují     70   70
45 HÖLTERS Bernd Ocker M 75 Germany 69       69
46 SIMON Zdenek M60 University Sports Club Prague     69   69
47 GET Adrien M70 SC Radotín Prague     68   68
48 Ondrej VARGA M 14 / 15 Locomotive FOSFA Břeclav 67       67
49 HERMAN Daniel M 14 / 15 Locomotive FOSFA Břeclav 67       67
50 WEIS Jakub M 14 / 15 AK Slovan Duchcov 67       67
51 KIEPERT Horst M 70 Germany 66       66
52 BONNESS Hartmut M 80 Germany 66       66
53 SECK Patrick M 55 Germany 65       65
54 JINDRA Petr M50 PSK Olymp Prague, zs     65   65
55 VAN BREMEN Jacques M 40 Germany 64       64
56 Dankovic Daniel M 16 / 17 Slovakia 63       63
57 VOJTÍŠEK Tomas M50 AC Moravská Slavia Brno, club     63   63
58 AX Čenek M 16 / 17 Orel Vyskov 59       59
59 FANTASTIC Thomas M45 Locomotive FOSFA Břeclav     59   59
60 ZEIBERT Milan M60 TJ Spartak Třebíč, club     59   59
61 Ondřej THE TURTLE M 75 AC Čáslav zs 58       58
62 TOLLE Uwe M 65 Germany 57       57
63 FISHER Pavel M55 Athletics Stodůlky zs     57   57
64 POLÁŠEK Vit M Athletics Havířov 1965     55   55
65 ŽEZULKA Martin M Athletics Stodůlky zs     54   54
66 STRAWMAN Marek M 45 AK Slovan Duchcov 53       53
67 DOUBEK Jaroslav M Athletics Stará Boleslav, ss     52   52
68 BLACK Jaroslav M35 TJ LIAZ Jablonec, zs     52   52
69 POLÁŠEK Jan M40 Athletics Havířov 1965     52   52
70 BUNNY Richard M 16 / 17 University Sports Club Prague     51   51
71 URBÁNEK Tobias M18 / 19 TJ Sokol Prague Královské Vinohrady    49   49
72 SIMONEK Pavel M55 Hvězda Pardubice zs     49   49
73 BROT Daniel M 70 Switzerland 44       44
74 BALICZ Daniel M AC Mladá Boleslav zs      44   44
75 MAŠATA Jiří M 60 Czech Republic 42       42
76 RůŽENECKý Petr M65 ASK Dipoli zs      42   42
77 MARRIED Lukáš M Athletics Havířov 1965     41   41
78 DOBEŠ Simon M 12 / 13 AC Prague 1890     40   40
79 INEDIBLE Matej M18 / 19 SK Čtyři Dvory České Budějovice     38   38
80 CABBAGE Miroslav M 70 Slovakia 37       37
81 BECHYNSKÝ Josef M70 SK Čtyři Dvory České Budějovice     36   36
82 TARDI Emmanuel M 55 France 27       27
83 CHMELÍK Tomas M Athletics Havířov 1965     23   23
84 RETURNED Marek M 16 / 17 ASK Děčín   22     22
85 STRONG Philip M 16 / 17 AK Kroměříž     18   18
86 STEJSKAL Ladislav M45 SK Čtyři Dvory České Budějovice     12   12
87 SEDLACEK Ondřej M40 SC Radotín Prague     7   7
88 HOPS Richard M Athletics Havířov 1966     7   7
89 KADLEC Miroslav M45 SK Čtyři Dvory České Budějovice     5   5
90 MATTRESS Petr  M40 TJ Sokol Prague Královské Vinohrady    1   1
Pore.: Name: Category: Club/Country: Poděbrady DHD Prague-Brandýs   total
1 LIGHTHOUSE Noemi W 14 / 15 BK FC Kadaň, ss 82 79 95   256
2 WEAK Lenka W 55 AC Moravská Slavia Brno, club 81 77     158
3 BOROVIČKOVÁ Lenka W 50 SK Nové Město nM   75 83   158
4 NETOLIKÁ Martina W 40 AC Slovan Liberec 61   66   127
5 SKUPIEŃVÁ Nela W 16 / 17 AK Šternberk zs 57   70   127
6 JURKULÁKová Adéla W 16 / 17 AK Šternberk zs 59   65   124
7 Acid Ema W 18 / 19 Spartak Prague 4 57   67   124
8 LOCKSMITH Kristina W 16 / 17 Slovakia 100       100
9 PERNICKÁ Dominika W 14 / 15 Slovakia 98       98
10 VEGA GONZALEZ Irene W 16 / 17 Spain 97       97
11 ŠTEFÁČKOVÁ Nela W 16 / 17 TJ Dvur Králové n/L, zs 42   55   97
12 SCHRÖTER British W 50 Germany 94       94
13 Elizabeth FRANKL W 18 / 19 SK Jeseniova     93   93
14 BITES Peter W 16 / 17 Slovakia 90       90
15 WEASTER Nina W 12 / 13 Slovakia 89       89
16 SOFKOVÁ Natália W 12 / 13 Slovakia 88       88
17 KOVÁRIKOVÁ Liana W 12 / 13 Slovakia 85       85
18 ACKERMANN Lara W 16 / 17 Germany 82       82
19 ANXIOUS Claudine W 70 Fance 82       82
20 KARINAUSKAITE Adrijan W 16 / 17 lithuania 81       81
21 WALTER Zuzka W 16 / 17 Germany 79       79
22 VÖLKEL Laura W 16 / 17 Germany 79       79
23 VANKOVÁ Victoria W 14 / 15 TJ Slezan Frýdek-Místek, coll 78       78
24 CARNIEL Maria-Lena W 16 / 17 Germany 78       78
25 VRANKOVÁ Ivana W 50 TJ Sokol Opava 77       77
26 LOPATKOVA Petra W 14 / 15 Slovakia 76       76
27 BANDOLA Mia W 16 / 17 Germany 76       76
28 KRASUL Adéla W 14 / 15 TJ Slezan Frýdek-Místek, coll 75       75
29 RÍHOVÁ Eliška W 16 / 17 TJ Slezan Frýdek-Místek, coll 75       75
30 PETŘÍKOVÁ Johana F Spartak Prague 4     73   73
31 CINTULA Agatha W 14 / 15 Slovakia 70       70
32 SUPEKOVA Sofia W 16 / 17 Slovakia 70       70
33 SEXUAL CURLY Štěpánka W35 TJ Sokol Hradec Králové     70   70
34 DOJČAROVÁ Aneta W 16 / 17 AK ŠKODA Pilsen 69       69
35 ZIKMUNDOVA Jana F AC Turnov zs     69   69
36 ILLING Nika W 16 / 17 Germany 67       67
37 Natalia GUTISOVA W 16 / 17 Slovakia 66       66
38 PITTNER Teresa F AC Turnov zs     64   64
39 KOZLOVA Ludmila W 16 / 17 Athletics Prachatice     64   64
40 GOLLE Constanze W 40 Germany 63       63
41 KRINWALD Lucia W 18 / 19 AC Mladá Boleslav zs      63   63
42 JENIKOVÁ Karolína W55 Spartak Prague 4     62   62
43 RITKOVÁ Alexandra W 16 / 17 Slovakia 61       61
44 NEDVIDKOVA Katka F AC Rumburk, zs     61   61
45 REINOVA Miloslava W55 AC Rumburk, zs     61   61
46 KOLLÁRIKOVÁ Olivia W 12 / 13 Slovakia 60       60
47 MĚRKOVA Bara W 14 / 15 AK Slovan Duchcov 55       55
48 PIVODOVA Simona W 16 / 17 Athletics Holešov, ss      55   55
49 FAITHFUL Vivien F Athletics Poruba zs     55   55
50 MALIŠOVÁ Veronika W 14 / 15 TJ Slezan Frýdek-Místek, coll 54       54
51 SMOLÍKOVÁ Veronika W 18 / 19 TJ Sokol SG Pilsen-Petrín     54   54
52 KRATOCHVÍLOVA Kateřina W 12 / 13 AC Rumburk, zs 53       53
53 DROZDKOVÁ Ema W 16 / 17 Athletics Holešov, ss      53   53
54 HANYKOVÁ Zuzana W50 AC Turnov zs     53   53
55 MAREDOVA Lucie W 14 / 15 Athletics South City zs 50       50
56 PERNICA Lenka W 45 AC Česká Lípa 49       49
57 KAUTSKA Magdalena W10 / 11 AC Prague 1890     48   48
58 NOVÁKOVÁ Petra F Athletics Holešov, ss      48   48
59 THANK YOU Lucie F Athletics Poruba zs     45   45
60 Veronika SCHOLZE F SK Nové Město nM     43   43
61 SOLAŘOVÁ Gabriela W 16 / 17 Athletics Holešov, ss      42   42
62 KARSKA Nikola W 16 / 17 Athletics Holešov, ss      36   36
63 GUCF Sofia F Spartak Prague 4     33   33
64 SMAŽILOVÁ Marketa W 18 / 19 Athletics Holešov, ss      33   33
65 LACHE Eleanor W 14 / 15 AC Rumburk, zs     32   32
66 SABA Madalena W 14 / 15 AC Rumburk, zs     32   32
67 SKALNÍKová Julie F Athletics Holešov, ss      28   28
68 ŠUBRTOVÁ Michaela W 18 / 19 Athletics Holešov, ss      25   25
69 JENÍKOVÁ Petra F Spartak Prague 4     23   23
70 FISHEROVA Ludmila F Athletics Stodůlky zs     18   18
71 ŠÁROVÁ Nela W10U AC Prague 1890     15   15
72 KREJČÍ VÁCLAVKOVÁ Žaneta W40 SK Kotlářka Praha, Coll     11   11



The third round of this year's league walk took place on June 1.6. in Prague - Satalice. The AC Praha 1890 team under the leadership of František Zouhar and Kateřina Kautská took over the organization.

Unfortunately, the concurrence of a number of athletic events did not allow some athletes to start.  It is understandable to adapt the term sheet to the representation in the case of extra league rounds.

UdoEven if the participation of the best representatives is more or less doubtful within the extra league (it does not apply to walking, our top team regularly starts in the extra league). But why does the third league round have to be 1.6. on the same date as, for example, the Czech Masters Athlete Championship, is that really a question?! At the same time, a number of athletes in the 35+ categories start in the league starts not only in walking. The constant ignoring of the needs of masters male and female athletes is shameful and hard to understand. The whole society talks about the aging of the population, but STK ČAS completely ignores the needs of masters, an economically strong group that could be interesting for potential new partners of ČAS.  This was also the reason why some traditional names were missing from the starting list, others could forget the titles from their master if they wanted to do something for the team.  On a rainy day, almost all pedestrians visited Satalice.

The race day started with 1 km school categories. The talented Noemi Maják from Kadana clearly reigned in the sparse starting field, who came well below the 5-minute mark.

DThis time, the ruholig competition had a 5 km race on the program. Albert Kukla immediately took the lead in the race and improved his best performance at this distance from the hall by 40 seconds - 21:16. The tremendous progress of this junior is a great calling card for coach Ketner. Even so, Albert was dissatisfied, he wanted to break the 21-minute mark for the first time. All in time, the next attempt, perhaps at the 20-minute mark, will be in the men's category in the winter. Rosťa Kolář was far behind for second place - 23:27. Although he was not very satisfied with the performance, he is motivated for further work. Kateřina Čermáková's protégé Ondřej Plecháček from Turnov won third place in a time of 24:07.

MAmong the women, former representative Jana Zikmunodvá won in a time of 27:45. Thanks to Lenka Borovičková, the silver medal goes to Nové Město n. Metují. The newly minted two-time European champion in 10 and 20 km walking from Porto Santo defended the silver by 10 seconds ahead of the third-placed Pittner.

First league male and female athletes had 10 km on their program. The race was dominated by Martin Nedvídek from AC Rumburk. This competitor, who has already celebrated his 49th birthday, flew through the track in an excellent performance of 45:51. He last performed such a performance in 2019 in Křečany and is an example that even with the passing years there is no need to throw flint in the rye and maintain high performance.  Jaromír Hloch, a pedestrian from Břeclav, showed another big improvement. The performance of 47:11 is his other personal record this season. The ageless Miloslav Lapka claimed third place. The time of 51:06 is, considering the age category 65+, the best performance of the day.

ResinAnother one of the medalists from the ME Masters in Porto Santo, bronze medalist Josef Smola, was also present at the start. He finished with a time of 57:37. Janoušek, the third pedestrian medalist from the EC, preferred to start on the veteran MČR.

Among the women, Alžběta Franklová won clearly. She started very sharp, but the set pace was too much for her in the solo race. Subsequently, she was moved by the competitor Lapka and this helped her to get back to the pace, she accelerated significantly in the last 2 laps and finished side by side with Lapka in the same time of 51:06.  Very nice performance on a challenging track. Second place was won by Johana Petříková in "this year's" 56:41, and Štěpánka Pohlová Kučerová took the bronze. The family support that Štěpánka has is admirable for this competitor. The biggest fan of Sokolka z Hradec is a father and grandfather in one person, without whom we probably can't even imagine walking races.

The German king of the charts Udo Schaffer, starting in the colors of AC Rumburk, was also present at the start. He did not hesitate and even during the Saturday night he was able to improve his performance. After 10km in 66:40 and the way home admirable.  Satalice are included in the Cup of Wisdom. Brandejského and the German competitor is a statistical support for František Párys, who evaluates the Cup. 


Slovak pedestrian duel: 25.05.24/26.05.24/20 PTS Banská Bystrica + XNUMX/XNUMX/XNUMX Záhorácka XNUMX

RESULTS 5.000m PTS Banská Bystrica


Already on Friday 24.5. the Slovak Republic hosted another annual

of a traditional PTS meeting. The race was moved to Banská Bystrica, and the traditional pedestrian triple was replaced by a 5 m long distance.

The change was mainly due to the fact that the 5 m is counted in the ranking for large events, so our neighbors did the MSR as part of the meeting, which helped the athletes get bonus points.

Several Czech walkers signed up for the PTS start and they definitely didn't get lost.

The start was common for men and women and it certainly helped women significantly.

The first kilometer dictated the pace of the leader of the group of six, Vít Hlaváč from Kladno (3:56.6). He was subsequently replaced by Zajíček z Poruba and the Pole Brzozowski. Michal Moravy, the best Slovak walker, started to lose very soon and was quickly gaining ground. After two kilometers (Bunny 7:50:44!)

Jarda Morávek from Pilsen also started to drop out. Hungarian Tóth also dropped out of the four fighting for the podium due to technical problems, Polák and Zajíček held the lead, Hlaváč started to lose after 3 km. The Polish representative clearly made it to victory in 19:12:85. Second place was held by Adam Zajíček for a long time, but in the last meters Michal Moravy, who finished incredibly, overtook him. He lost up to 13 seconds to Zajíček, but in the last kilometer he finished strongly and grabbed the second place in the finish line. The performance of 19:35:57 is an excellent personal best for this former 2-year-old. Adam Zajíček finished 19 seconds back in a new best performance. The time of 37:80:19 is really excellent. Vítek Hlaváč finished in fourth place in the new OR - 50:20:21. Apart from the Hungarian, the Moravian also did not do well technically, he finished the race in 09.82:XNUMX.

There was something to see among the women too. The pair of favorites Czaková - Martínková started the race in a group with young Slovak walkers. Eliška Martínková had the upper hand in the race from the beginning, she passed the first kilometer with a 2-second lead and continued to hold the leading position. In Cili, she could celebrate a new OR of 21:15:06, which is also a new race record. Czaková lost 7 seconds and even she could be satisfied with the test before the EC in Rome.

The very next day, Saturday 25.5. the traditional "Záhorácka 20" meeting took place. This year, the race is proud of its silver status, and this status has attracted a number of interesting pedestrian names.

The biggest star was undoubtedly the German elite racer Christopher Linke. He tested his form before the EC at a distance of 20 km and literally swept the course record (1:21:42 from 1987!). With a top-quality performance of 1:19:55, he once again confirmed the OH limit and showed great readiness before the peaks of the season.

The winner of the race in Zittau, Mexican Isaac Palma, won the second place with a loss of 40 seconds. Even the third Ind Singh went under 1:21:00!

The 10 km race was dominated by the winner from PT-Sky, Polák Brzozowski, also in the race record - 39:28.

The Ukrainian Banzeruk finished second, and Norbert Tóth, the record holder of the Prague Hodinovka, went for the Hungarian record of 40:18. Vítek Hlaváč also showed a quality performance, finishing in fifth place - 41:34, which is his fastest top ten on the road. Adam Zajíček did not finish the race.

In the 20 km race, no Czech pedestrians started, the Mexican Rodríguez won (1:31:32).

However, the Czech pedestrian shone in the 10 km race. Eliška Martínková showed great form before the European Championship and not only set a personal record, but above all a Czech record in 43:24!!! Slovakian Czaková also finished in second place in a national record - 44:06.

Among the juniors, Alžběta Franklová was second. However, with a time of 51:03, she lost almost 5 minutes to the winner Kovács from Hungary.

Jaromír Hloch from Břeclav, who improved enormously, finished fourth in the 5 km race. Last year, this athlete still struggled with a six-minute race, and now he managed 5 km in Slovakia in 23:01. Bravo!