Olomouc Twenties April 15, 2022 included in the series of walking races World Athletics - Race Walking Tour - Bronze.  

IMG 9806 Medium"I have good news for all pedestrians - we have registered the Olomouc XNUMX in series of walking races World Athletics - Race Walking tour 2022 - in the BRONZE level of the race  and the race was included for the year 2022 "!!!  

The Olomouc Twenty is already published in the WA term list - see the link:


Have a nice Friday and we will be happy to have us on this "new track" company SMOLA KONSTRUKCE will support.

Drahoslav Dočkal - director of the Olomoucká dvacítka plant.

THE WAY IS THE GOAL. Even the veteran athletic world has its Karel ..... not only the musical one.

On November 12, 2021, at the age of 92, the legend of the world athletic veteran movement left us forever. We therefore bring both a VIDEO MEMORY (courtesy of Mia Stewart) and a TEXT MEMORY of LEGEND by Karel Matzner.


ING. KAREL MATZNER was born on March 16, 1929 in České Budějovice and died on November 12, 2021 in Prague. After graduating from the Faculty of Civil Engineering of the Czech Technical University in Prague, he worked for the companies Vodní stavby and Metrostav. As chief construction engineer, he completed four dams: Lipno, Nechranice, Vrchlice and Želivka I waterworks. and editor-in-chief of the professional bilingual magazine TUNEL.

He is the co-author and expert editor of five books on the Prague metro, an expert advisor on two feature and five short films about its construction, and the author of a number of professional articles and corporate publications.

He devoted himself to athletics as a teenager under the leadership of Olympian Karel Nedobity, then he returned to it only after forty. He became the founder of the ČAS Veterans Association, its long-term, now honorary chairman. He was a multiple world and European champion in running disciplines from 400 m to half marathon in various veteran categories.

Excerpt from the book "Wanderings in the history of veteran athletics" - Ing. Karel Matzner, 2015:

"One of my acquaintances, with whom I go down the slopes of the Dolomites every year, has recently published a small book about my wanderings around the world called The road is the destination. 

The three words breathed mystical, Buddhist wisdom on me. It doesn't matter where we go. The goal is for each of us to follow our Way, our way of life, with our eyes wide open, with goodness and love in our hearts.

Let's translate it into sports language. Recall Coubertin's Olympic "It is not important to win, but to participate." Let's recall the basic theses and ideas of our world veteran association WMA: to enable athletic competition for all ages equal for life. And also the ideas of the international organization IWMGA, which organizes world veteran sports games and supports the idea of ​​"Sport for All" Olympic Charter, without any performance limits and restrictions, in a friendly environment of athletes behind the zenith. The road is the destination.

At the same time, I am thinking of the words of a classmate with whom I was sitting at a desk at Jirsík's grammar school - the later head of the České Budějovice hospital: DIf I can, I have to. It is not easy to follow that path, it is full of obstacles and difficulties that need to be overcome. In order to compete, I have to train. As long as I can, I have to. As long as I can follow that Path. Therefore, do not hang nails on the nail! 

The road is the destination. 

PS .: The last farewell to Karel Matzner will take place on Friday 19 November 2021 at 10 am in the Great Ceremonial Hall of the Strašnice Crematorium.


IMG 1073 Medium792440c24a244926ddea1a05ab9227303dc0968e 1November 12, 2021. At the age of 92, the legend of the Athletic Veteran Movement in Europe and the founder of the Association of Veterans of the Czech Athletic Association left.

Multiple medalist from the World and European Championships, honorary chairman of our association.

Josef Smola:

My biggest veteran sports model and great person has left. I'm very sad. I will never forget. Whenever I had the honor of meeting him in person, even for a brief moment, his presence always motivated and inspired me immensely!

Honor his memory!


Jiří Brychta on behalf of the entire Board of Directors of SV ČAS:

Karel has always loved and promoted sports. He always claimed that it could be done indefinitely. (It was he who designed the horizontal figure eight for our emblem.) He was proof of that - he participated in our championship this year as well. He wrote a beautiful book about Veteran Athletics - Wanderings in the history of veteran athletics. Until his last days, he prepared another book about his travels in athletics around the world.

We thank you very much for everything and we promise that we will continue the work you started and play sports as long as your health allows.

We know you will watch us from heaven and keep your fingers crossed.




Jaromír Morávek is leaving PRAGUE WALKING PRAGUE to AK Škoda Plzeň!

Morávek hodinovka DSC0452Jaromír Morávek is leaving Prague PITCH. The best Czech junior pedestrian is headed to AK Škoda Plzeň. Both clubs have already agreed on the transfer in the November transfer date, so only the official confirmation of the transfer from the Czech Athletic Association is missing.

Jaromír Morávek came to PITCH WALKING in 2019 from AC Moravská Slavia Brno as a promising teenager. During his time at SMOLA CHŮZE, he developed into the best Czech youth and later junior pedestrian. On August 8, 2020, he set a Czech youth record in walking at 21m on the track in Rumburk with a performance of 46,26: 5.000 minutes. This year he met the nomination criteria and took part in both the European Junior Championships in Tallinn, Estonia (10.000m walk on the track, 11th place, 44: 12,17) and the World Championships in Nairobi, Kenya (10.000m walk on the track, 18th. place, 45: 44,72min). At the end of this year's racing season, he won a bronze medal at the very first Czech Championship in road walking for 35 km with a performance of 2: 54.30.

Jarda Morávek to leave: "I would like to thank Pep Smol for his support, you really saved me in 2020, I'm just sorry you regret it. It was a decision that I postponed for a long time, but given my situation, this decision is logical. I will I'm glad you allow me to transfer. It's nothing personal, my transfer is purely purposeful. I wish you a lot of sports and work success. Thank you again for your support. "

Josef Smola to release Jarda: "I do not regret anything towards Jarda, on the contrary, I am very proud and glad that I helped Jarda get to the level of the best Czech junior with financial, material and organizational support! I wish Jard a lot of success and satisfaction in his new position and further performance growth. If someone is following these pages or walking events in more detail, you know that in June of this year, the cooperation between Ivo Piták and SMOLA CHŮZE came to an end. And because Ivo Piták is also the coach of Jarda, it is necessary to look for the main reason for his departure right here ".

A detailed statement on the situation in Czech walking over the past year from my point of view, then you can find in the "Christmas article" here on this website.




PB14After a one-year hiatus, the AC Prague 1890 team tried to re-establish the century-old tradition of the Prague - Brandys race.

This year's event took place at a rapid pace and at the same time a feeling of futility hovered over us from the fact that the race would be canceled for hygienic reasons anyway. Fortunately, the autumn turned out to be more epidemiologically more favorable, so in quick succession came the idea of ​​organizing, finding the least complicated training, track, winning prizes, judges, as well as facilities for competitors and orders for nice October weather. Anyone who has ever organized an event knows that it is not easy.

The huge helpfulness and support of the representatives of the Prague-Satalice district and the Community Center in Satalice, which provided the background, helped us a lot in organizing the race.

How to evaluate the race and the whole event? There were many different opinions. Negatives may have prevailed: it's not Prague- Brandys, yes it's not. Wrong date, maybe. Bad track-carousel, wind, etc. We will definitely deal with them and look for ways to improve. But there have also been positive reactions, and some competitors see a possible future in this event.

A big disappointment for me was the small participation of the representatives of the organizing section AC Prague 1890, in the youth and student categories. Arguments followed again (wrong date, not suitable for the concept of preparation, last-minute propositions, etc.)

What in conclusion? Huge thanks to the representatives of Satalice, especially the Deputy Mayor Mrs. Ing. Leona Táborská and the head of the community center, Mrs. Eliška Portužáková. Furthermore, all those who participated in the event as judges, clutches, scorer, announcer of results and awarders.

I would also like to thank Mr. Pep Smol, who helped address the competitors in walking.

Thank you very much for your participation and next year perhaps at the next year's PRAGUE-BRANDÝS race, r.z. F. Zouhar st.

BETWEEN WALKING started in Borský Mikuláš under the leadership of Ján Záhončík for the winter preparations for the 2022 season in early November. 

The busy race schedule of 2022 called SMOL CHŮZE to start winter training at the beginning of November 2021. And so the head coach of SMOLA CHŮZE prepared and provided absolutely excellent conditions in Borský Mikuláš, including the necessary facilities, rehabilitation line and, of course, healthy nutrition.

On the roads around Borský Mikuláš, we also wished wonderful sunny weather and, together with the fresh (outside of Prague) air, literally poured fresh blood into our veins. We believe not only in a successful start to the training, but also in the entire winter training without injury.  

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23.10.2021, Prague-SATALICE, Chodecké závody "Praha-Brandýs nad Labem", 10 and 5 km on the circuit

Only at the end of the athletic season of the next "coronavirus" year did the organizers from AC Prague 1890 led by F. Zouhar to organize another year of "Brandýs", newly in the natural environment of the satalical forest park "Arborka". The advantages of the new location are the exclusion of traffic, clean air and easier travel than to the original Zelenče, a slight disadvantage is the elevation gain on most of the 1200 m asphalt circuit. Due to the end of the season, the participation was low (5 men and 4 women), cold (10 ° C) and windy weather tested the resistance of the starters, but relatively good performances were achieved for the given period. The women's category at 5 km was dominated in significantly improved OR time by 27:56 min by junior Johana Petříková, 02, TJ Dukla Prague before veteran Lenka Slabáková, 66, AC Moravská Slavia Brno (OR 28:39 min) and Petra Jeníková, 96, Spartak Prague 4 (30:31 min). The 5 km youth category had the first "newcomer" Veronika Smolíková among the girls, 05, AC Prague 1890 (34:00 min), among the boys the more experienced Tomáš Endršt, 05, USK Prague (24:50 min). The main race of the men at 10 km had an interesting course, where half of the track was set by the pace for the final time of about 46 minutes Tomáš Gdula, 97, Hvězda Pardubice, followed by Rostislav Kolář, 87, SK Hranice; veterans Tomáš Vojtíšek, 73, AC Moravská Slavia Brno and Josef Smola, 64, SMOLA CHUZE Prague, walked a long way. After the fifth km, Kolář took the lead, kept the pace and won the OR 46:16 min, T. Gdula was in the finish a minute later (47:18 min); Vojtíšek (56:12 min than Smola (56:34 min) was faster from the veterans). very fast (especially if the direction of walking is reversed than it was now), clear for the judges and certainly deserves a much greater participation next year Petr Brandejský, MD

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