Dear supporters of Czech walking from among the competitors, this time especially veterans, officials, organizers, judges, coaches and everyone who is not indifferent to our discipline.

Sage of BrandeisAllow me to invite you to a short farewell to "our" Dr. Petr Brandejský at the nearest opportunity, and that is during the Czech Championship in the hall on 12.2 Praha-Stromovka, hall Otakar Jandery.

According to the agreement with the Czech Athletics Association, there will be a remembrance and a short farewell to Dr. Brandejský about 15 minutes before 10:00 a.m., before the start of the walking races, with a symbolic placing of a flower on the track by all of us and a minute of silence.

After the race, for those who can stay, we will remember Dr. Brandejsky and try to agree on what to do with his legacy.

An outdoor farewell to "our" doctor could then take place during the league in Olomouc.

Thank you for attending this farewell if you can.

Mila Lapka

Mr. Assoc. MD Petr Brandejský, CSc., left...

Nine years ago, I was happy to wish Peter and Jan Brandejský 75 years in full force on these pages.

Today, 19 January 1, Mr. Doc. MD Petr Brandejský, CSc. he left Perhaps he has gone to decide our races and endeavors from above, and may he be a kind and wise support to us, as he always was during his life among us.

Sage. BrandeisI could never imagine Czech walking without Dr. Petar Brandejský, and I took him for granted as a part of our races and discussions about walking. And I can't even imagine it now. His calm approach, sense of fair play, lifestyle, unique careful diction, original personality, willingness to help others and his coaching achievements will be missed by several generations of competitors who knew "our" doctor (docent) Petr Brandejský.

Those memories, so many examined pedestrians and other athletes in Salmovská at the Institute of Physical Medicine of the 1st Faculty of Medicine, UK, where he was head until 2004! The professional advice! So many successful mentees including Olympians! Those stormy and busy meetings at his office, when in 1992, after the breakup of Czechoslovakia, we were building a Czech walk! So many races he completed as a competitor or as a judge! I still don't want to believe that these are just memories!

And so many stories that everyone who met him has with "our" doctor! In each of these stories there is high moral credit and respect for others and a sense of fair-play. Rare qualities that Dr. Brandejský never betrayed.

Together with his brother MUDr. Jan Brandejský created a strong pedestrian duo from the 1958s, including the then Czechoslovak Republic, from XNUMX Petr and Jan were coaches, referees and officials and, of course, competitors in their category, Petr worked in Prague, Jan is still active in Jablonec nad Nisou. If anyone has managed to grow old with dignity, without old age bickering and stihomam, it is the Brandeis brothers. In this, they are a role model for me personally and hope that this can be achieved.

After all, Petr Brandejský's contributions on these pages speak for themselves. Who will replace him? Who will replace his phenomenal memory as a walking statistician?

For his sense of fair play, Petr was also awarded in 1999 with a justification for his lifelong promotion of an honest approach to sport and conduct in his personal life.  

At the end, the best words will be our own Mr. Doc. MD Petr Brandejského, CSc.,: "Any movement is better than inaction. After the age of 20, everyone should consult a physical education doctor if they are healthy enough to afford not to do any sports".

"Movement is one of the 4 basic manifestations of life, along with metabolism, excitability and reproduction."

There are people who are irreplaceable. Doctor Petr Brandejský definitely belongs among them

Great honor to his pedestrian and human memory!


Mila Lapka


Together with AC PRAGUE 1890, we are trying to resurrect the past glory of the popular Prague-Brandýs race, and of course, in October we are expecting the traditional and this time the 10th anniversary of the Prague Pedestrian Clock at the AC Praha 1890 stadium. Preparations begin.........

We are stronger together

In the past, the Olympic champion in the 50 km from Rio 2016, Matej Tóth, and the sixth in the 35 km at the EC in Munich 2022, Miroslav Úradník, now a trio of leading Slovak female walkers. Hana BurzalováEma Hačundová a Klaudia Žarska are on a five-week training camp in Australia, which also includes participation in an international research camp organized by the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS). How are the Slovak women from the training group Roman Benčík a Ľuboš Machník did they get to the opponents?

australia 1"Australian coach Brent Vallance approached Matej Tóth to see if we were interested in participating in a camp related to nutrition research. We agreed. We think it's an opportunity to improve, and since we'll spend a lot of time with the world's best female walkers, we have a chance to learn something new." explains the Slovakian record holder in walking for 35 km under the age of 23, Hana Burzalová, who qualified for the World Championships in Eugene and European Championships in Munich last year. "I think we started with 21, some girls have already finished the camp due to health problems or injuries. There are girls from Lithuania, Hungary, France, Finland, Italy, Greece, Colombia, Spain, Australia, Hong Kong and Germany.”

Slovak women's runners decided to accept the offer for a concentration and international camp in Australia based on the experience of Matej Tóth and Mir Úradník, who was also warmly recommended by the former SAZ head coach Martin Pupiš. "Preparing in the company of the world's best female walkers is a great and excellent experience for us," emphasizes Hana Burzalová.

She, Ema Hačundová and Klaudia Žárska flew to the other side of the world at the very end of the previous year - but without coaches. They communicate with Roman Benčík and Ľuboš Machník on a long distance. "Of course, we miss our coaches in training, but we have the help of Brent Vallance, the Italian coach Alessandro Gandellini, the former outstanding walker Jared Tallent and others." says Burzalová, who in 2022 won the Slovak walking titles for 10 km, 20 m on the oval and 000 km.

Slovak female walkers arrived in Australia for the New Year. They spent the first week at the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) in Canberra, where they underwent all the necessary tests - stress and indoor - required for research as input data.

Hana Burzalová: "Then we moved for three weeks to the Perisher Valley - to the mountains at an altitude of 1700 meters. At the end of the stay, we will go back to Canberra for exit tests and finish the camp on February 2nd with a race. We mainly focus on volume training, but some trainings are also focused on intensity.

The first race was completed by the participants of the international walking camp at the AIS athletics stadium in Canberra. Hana Burzalová took 11th place in a personal record of 47:36,10 min, Klaudia Žárska was 12th also in a personal best (47:44,37), Ema Hačundova was 16th (49:07,70).

australia 2"Yes, I expected to improve, but I wasn't sure if I would be sufficiently acclimatized by the time of the race. It worked out, and I attribute it to the high-quality preparation for the concentration in Cyprus in December," clarifies Burzalová, foster child of Jozef Pavelka's Dubnica pedestrian hatchery.

Klaudia Žárska did not expect a significant improvement either, but she believed in the person. "I thought I would go slower. However, the December concentration in the High Tatras was a success. After a long period of being plagued by injuries, I'm glad to finally finish the race pain-free and - in a personal best." adds another former pedestrian from Dubnica.

We have already mentioned that on February 2, Slovak women will start another race in Canberra – again at 10 m with the status of a World Athletics Race Walking Tour silver event.

"We believe in even better results," Slovak women walkers say they have great conditions for training in Australia. "It was only after moving to the mountains that we lacked opportunities for regeneration - also excellent, as we have in Banská Bystrica at VŠC Dukla," recalls Hana Burzalová's 18th for 20 km at the European Championships in Munich and adds with a smile: "In Australia, however, we have our own chef within the camp, he cooks excellently. However, sometimes we have a problem eating everything they serve us in a day, because our diet is built on a high energy level."

The wards of the duo Benčík - Machník have a really busy training program in Australia. They don't have much time left. "We didn't have a lot of time off, training and camp fill almost all of our time. Right during the training, however, we saw kangaroos in the wild. That was an experience!' Hana Burzalová gets excited.

After returning from Australia, Klaudia Žárska will go on another training stay to Turkey, where on February 25 she will take part in the national championship there for 35 km. The race is also part of the World Athletics Race Walking Tour series. Exactly one month later, on March 25, Burzalová, Hačundová and Žárska complete the traditional race in Dudincie. "All three of us hope to improve our personal bests in 2023 and qualify for the World Championships in Budapest in August," Hana Burzalová speaks for all three.

Last year, the walking public was pleasantly pleased with the return of the adult categories to the program of the indoor MČR, when the adult categories got the opportunity to fight for titles again after many years. The slowly starting racing season thus offers a number of opportunities to fight to meet the performance requirements for the championship race.

Přebor Liberec region - 14.1., Jablonec nad Nisou:

The first race on the indoor calendar will be this Saturday, January 14.1. the Liberec region walking championship, which traditionally takes place in one of the few athletic halls in our country - in Jablonec nad Nisou. Competitors outside the LKAS can also start, the length of the tracks is from 2000m to 5000m depending on age and gender.

Championship of Moravia and Silesia (ČAS race) - 22.1., Ostrava:

A week later, on January 22.1, competitors from Moravia and Silesia will compete for their titles in the beautiful Ostrava hall. Here, too, the race is open to competitors from other regions. The categories of boys, girls, juniors and women will run the classic 3000m, while boys, juniors and men will go 5000m.

Championship of Silesia (POL race) - 27.1., Ostrava:

An interesting competition opportunity will appear in the Ostrava hall one week later - 27.1. The Silesian championship race, this time under the organizing baton of Polish colleagues, applications can be submitted via the ČAS website, the competition routes will be 2000 and 3000m walking. Competitors who arrive at the race will have the opportunity to compete with Polish pedestrians.

Indoor Wednesdays in Jablonec nad Nisou - 25.1., 8.2., 17.2., Jablonec nad Nisou:

Also this year, organizers from TJ Liaz Jablonec are organizing indoor Wednesdays and several of them will host walking races. The race is usually held at the end of the racing program, around 19 p.m. These races are certainly more demanding for working athletes, performing at the highest level in the evening is a challenge, but let's be happy for the opportunity that the organizers repeatedly give us.

25.1. 4th indoor Wednesday - 3000m walk

 8.2. 6. indoor Wednesday - 3000 and 5000m walk

15.2. 7th indoor Wednesday - 3000m walk

Czech Walking Championship - 12.2 February, Prague-Stromovka, Otakar Jandery hall:

12.2. will take place, again as part of the multi-sport championship race, the pedestrian championship race in the Olymp Hall in Prague.

Just like last year's race, performance limits must be met this time as well, allowing pedestrians to represent our sport in a dignified way.

dsc01274 Large

Participantsé MČR limits in the hall:




3000 m/3 km walk



5000 m/5 km walk



10000 m/10 km walk






3000 m/3 km walk



5000 m/5 km walk



10000 m/10 km walk






3000 m/3 km walk



5000 m/5 km walk






2000 m/2 km walk



3000 m/3 km walk



However, the indoor season is far from over after the MČR. Competitors in the Masters category will have 2 more opportunities to test their performance.

CR Masters Championship - 4.3., Jablonec nad Nisou:

4.3. the traditional veteran championship will be held, experienced competitors will compete in the Jablonec hall in the 3000m walk.

Masters World Championship - 26.3.-1.4., Toruń, Poland:

In Toruń, Poland, from 26.3. - 1.4: will hold the MS Masters category. The 3000m walking competitions will take place on March 27 and 28.3. The next championship race will be the traditional 10 km on the road on 31.3.

578A3975 XLThis world championship already clashes with the MČR in the 35km walk in Dudince (March 25.3) and above all with the first round of league competitions. Those who want to compete in the 10km walk may have to choose between their duties to the unit and their personal ambitions. After all, only two 10km races in two or three days will be a huge challenge for the Czech veterans. I recommend a private jet at the expense of whoever directed this schedule......... 

In Australia, the pedestrian racing year 2023 got off to a pretty sharp start. A TRIO of Slovak female walkers Burzalová, Žárská, Hačundová also did well in the 10.000m walk.  


Traditionally in Australia, the year of walking in 2023 began with a 10.000m walking race in Canberra. In the great heat, it performed more than competently in this January racing term, unusual for Europeans, and TRIO young Slovak pedestrians Hana Burzalová, Klaudia Žárská and Ema Hačundová, which showed a very significant improvement in performance right at the beginning of 2023 - see the above results in pdf. Hana Burzalová with a great performance of 47:36,10 she just very narrowly failed to beat an excellent, very experienced Italian woman known for many notable international successes Valentina Trapletti 47:34.66. Another Slovak reached the finish line just behind Burzalová, Klaudia Žárská 47:44.37, also for the January date in excellent time. And finally, the third Slovak woman Ema Hačundová 49:27,70 clearly got under 50 min. It is crystal clear that a new generation of strong female walkers (years 1999-2000) is growing up in Slovakia. How many female walkers does the Czech Republic currently have on this route under 50 minutes? And will anyone join Eliška Martínková and Terce Ďurdiaková? I wish.........


New Year's pedestrian hall, Jablonec nad Nisou, Strělnice hall, December 27, 2022

After a two-year break caused by covid, the traditional indoor race, which has been used by pedestrians for many years to close the past season, has returned to the pedestrian calendar. František Párys and the whole team of organizers deserve a lot of thanks and recognition for the effort with which they resumed and organized the race after the break.  On 27.12.2022/XNUMX/XNUMX, less than thirty pedestrians gathered in the Jablonec hall. Lower participation than in previous years was also due to the flu wave that swept through the Czech Republic in recent weeks. 

cpa78531The youngest male and female pedestrians started the race with a 2000m competition. She crossed the finish line first Lucie Maredová (Atletika Jižní Město, tr. Mandíková), who improved her performance from the Pražská hodinovka by 22 seconds to 13:05.92. He won among the boys Vojtěch Landyš (AC Ml. Boleslav, tr. Irain) with a performance of 13:19.66. 

He won the 3000m race for pupils in 15:39.30 Ondřej Plecháček (AC Turnov, tr. Krištof) in a new indoor personal record. The indoor scullery also finished second, the surprising medalist from MČR žactva, Dan Mochal (AC Slovan Liberec, tr. Párys), and with a time of 16:16.44, Marek Rösler (AC Mladá Boleslav, tr. Irain/ Prückner).

In the women's race on the traditional 3000m track, the cards were handed out at the moment when the best Czech female walker of the moment entered the race Eliška Martínková (USK Prague, tr. Čermáková). Although she won by at least a steamer, she improved the OR to 13:07.46 and showed excellent readiness in this phase of preparation, but technically she was definitely not convincing. The talented junior, a participant in last year's European Youth Championship in Jerusalem, Ema Klimentová (AK Šternberk, coaches Sadil/Čermáková) also came in second place. Against the February MČR in the hall, she improved by 12 seconds to 14:22.60). This year, the hard-working Alžběta Franklová (SK Jeseniova, trainers Korbel/Čermáková) advanced to the category of junior women, who also won the personal best - 14:31.43. Johana Petříková also got under 16 minutes in the new OR - 15:48.26 (Spartak Prague 4, tr. Brandejský), a huge improvement of almost 3 minutes certainly made Nelly Bugárová (Škoda Plzeň, tr. Malysa) happy at the finish line - 16:10.66 . Another personal record was beaten by Ema Kyselicová (Spartak Praha 4, tr. Brandejský), who finished far behind the sixth veteran Lenka Borovičková (SK Nové Město n. Metují). 9 female competitors finished the race, seven of them in OR. 

In the men's race, only the veteran Nedvídek appeared among the adult representatives, but every walking fan looked forward to the next fight between our juniors Zajíček (Atletika Poruba, tr. Ketner) and Morávek (Škoda Plzeň, tr. Piták). This year, they will both start in the adult category, the last race between juniors was clearly decided by Adam Zajíček with a new record of 20:44,99. Although Jarda Morávek fell significantly behind this time, his time of 21:26.19 is not the worst at this stage of preparation. Third place was easily won by the ageless Martin Nedvídek (AC Rumburk) with a performance of 22:44.40. Albert Kukla (SK Jeseniova, tr. Korbel) also got under 25 minutes in the new race car - 24:09.26. 11 fighters finished the race. 

The last year of the New Year's Eve performances showed not only nice fights, high-quality performances and a flood of ORs, but also the interest of pedestrians in indoor races. That's also why it's good that the slowly starting indoor season will offer a whole range of opportunities for racing.