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The SMOLA CHŮZE sports association was founded in 2011 Josef Smola, Jaroslav Riederer a Jan Hadrava.

From the very beginning of its activity, the association has been an athletic club registered with the Czech Athletic Association.

They created a membership base and at the same time became the first athletes of the association Josef SmolaLenka Borovičková Peter Adam, all three are, from the very beginning, regular participants and "collectors" of medals from top veteran competitions - World Championships, European Championships, Europa Challenge and belong to the absolute world leader in their veteran categories. Thus, they are also an engine and a model for their younger followers.

I like and am interested in sports walking as an athletic discipline, so here you will be able to watch how dreams and plans come true!

I couldn't look at it anymore the moment you did Anežka Drahotová she chooses her share of bad luck and problems, there is no one who would at least partially represent her in terms of results. That was the moment when I said to myself that if I want Czech walking to become competitive, I must unite and support smart and successful people with the same interest, and we must immediately stop debating wildly and start doing something.

In 2016 Ivo Piták (professional coach of the sports center of the Ministry of Education and Culture and the coach of the Jilemnice sports gymnasium) became the coach of Josef Smola and at the same time joined the association with his entire walking group led by Anežka Drahotová. At this time, a set of rules for the proper functioning of the Czech summit walk with a working title was also created "VISION WALK 2020".

In the years 2016–2021, the company was SMOLA KONSTRUKCE general partner and sponsor of the Poděbrady Walking Races - PODĚBRADY WALKING and at the same time one of the main sponsors of the Czech Athletic Association.

In 2021 he was Josef Smola, entrusted by the chairman of the Czech Athletics Association, Libor Varhaník, with the leadership of the Czech top walking in order to consolidate the Czech walking and create a functional and cooperative unit headed by representative coaches and management staff for the period 2021-2025.
Despite maximum daily efforts, this functional unit has not yet been created. The reason is fundamental differences of opinion on the issues of leadership and functioning of the Czech pedestrian representation, Czech walking as a whole or mutual relations in general, which proved to be blocking further development, so that only a narrow encapsulated group of the so-called "chosen" is not favored, without the possibility of dialogue with other groups and those interested in Czech walking.
To this day, unfortunately, everything remains "the same", because the current management of the Czech pedestrian representation, in its bloatedness, incompetence and mainly in the interest of defending its well-paid positions and "warm places" (with state money!!!), uses subversive methods, promotes frogmen wars over respect, humility and decent behavior and favors where it suits and harasses those where it benefits. All this to the great detriment of Czech walking and in complete contradiction to the statutes of SMOLA WALK.

For the above reasons, in 2021 the company SMOLA KONSTRUKCE terminates all sponsorship contracts and terminates all advertising activities and support related to the Czech national team and the Czech Athletics Association. At the same time, quite logically, Josef Smola ends his cooperation with Ivo Piták.

He will join the association in 2022 Lucie Nekulova unencumbered by the aforementioned relationship problems and thus brings "fresh wind into the sails".

Josef Smola during his professional competition in the first half of the 50s, he achieved excellent results: 3km walk: personal record 59:48:1990h (1995), participation in the World Walking Cup in Beijing, China (100), 9km walk: Czech record 40:17:1990 (20 Rivera near Lugano), 1 km walk: personal record 29:40:50. In the MASTERS M30 category, he holds the Czech record in walking for 2 km 49:32:19.5.2018 (ME Alicante 2010). At the same time, he won a total of 2023 medals in the MASTERS categories at the European and World Championships in the years 5-1 (3x silver and 30x bronze at 1km and 3.000x bronze at XNUMXm)

So we are already the umpteenth generation of the group, and in any case we have the ambition to be the best. We have motivation and a great desire to succeed, he has experience, knowledge and, so far, enough strength. This connection gives us a chance to succeed in the sports world and on the international field. Our philosophy is given by the statement:

"It is not important to win, but to behave decently"

Žofka, Balšán, Doležal, Moc, Bílek, Vavřačová, Dibelková, Drahotová and in recent years Martínková - these are just the main names associated with performances that had and have a sound in European and world walking! And if we want other followers to follow in their footsteps, we cannot expect that an excellent walker will appear out of nowhere somewhere in Bohemia. Chattering won't make it appear!

The SMOLA CHůZE association offers cooperation to coaches and competitors (walkers) so that they can set out again in the world and Europe under the banner of the association. The effort and help of the association includes all categories. From the smallest to veterans.

The SMOLA CHŮZE association is also the organizer of important walking competitions in the Czech Republic:

  • International Prague One Hour Track Walking - International Prague One Hour Track Walking

In organizing and organizing races, we cooperate very closely with AC PRAHA 1890 headed by Kateřina Kautská and with AC Rumburk headed by Honza Rein and Lucía Nekulová.
The partner of the SMOLA CHůZE association is the company SMOLA KONSTRUKCE s.r.o., which is also the general partner and sponsor of popular walking races: