Interview with Josef Smola and a video race of 5km walk

We bring you an interview with Josef Smola and a video from the 5km walk race from the 88th International Walking Races PODĚBRADY RACE WALKING, which took place due to this year's coronavirus pandemic on October 10, 2020, half a year after the original scheduled date of April 4, 2020 ! 



1) Appointments: View of neighbors, Czech Republic: Our GSN member Josef Smola takes into account the contents of Podebrady - dark red - and Olomouc - red -, both wets are also for German stakeholders, but also try to avoid During the appointment, the deadline is up to November?

On this picture, Josef is in the lead at the hour 2019. See also below our point 2020…

2) Our friend Josef Smola said, and I said: “Hello, here's my view to: Stress and anger affect the total immunity of every human being. The immunity is insensitive, as well as against the virus of human consumption. Governments and politicians do not currently have a single day to complete and stress each hour. Immunity strengthened, it is free to move in the fresh air without facial masks !!! I don't have much to say. Your Josef Smola ”

Thanks Josef

Commentary of Vít Hlaváč from June 8, 2018 to the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic 50 km walk

Hello, I am forwarding my comment on a topic from the Fb group:
Hello hello
it doesn't occur to me that it's all about the number of Czechs at the start. Even if there are 20 of us, but we go somewhere up and down by ourselves, the race will have no quality and it will be canceled again in a few years. That is why I think it would be more appropriate to create a real international meeting, such as spring Poděbrady, where there may not be an enormous number of competitors at the start of the Czech Championships, but it is a very high quality and fast race where pedestrians from all over the world come every year. The Slovaks in Dudince have the same situation with their XNUMXs, but if I am correct, then there were no suitable conditions for the Czechs and that is why we left ..? So I don't know if coming back would solve anything, he moved us on.
A link to the site was recently added here Smola chůze, where the vision of the fiftieth meeting in the autumn term is relatively extensively developed, with the possibility of international participation and meeting the limits, and the whole thing sounds very feasible, even with financial security.

At the Arena Sportiva de Tesserete (TI), the Championships between 10'000 m men and 5'000 m women are two of the two medal athletes who will meet the conditions of the time limits, indicated by the organizer Daniele Albisetti of the SAL marcia.

Nathan Bonzon (CM Monthey) at 51:10 in the title Champion Swiss with 300m adventure on the Czech Republic Josef Smola and two adventure tours on his coach Olivier Bianchi (CM Monthey agent medal), just here of the limit of 1 hour, in 59:46. Cédric Bouele (Delémont Athlétisme) is a fifth class and third Swiss in 1h09, but has a limit on medals.

20180623 tesserete sl 635px

The podium in Tesserete [Stefano La Sorda]

Here is an easy 2 interesting Dinge! Josef Smolathe former Masters and Chef of “Smola Chuze” started in the Czech LIGA this year for AC Rumburk! Correctly located. Also standing? In the Czech Republic there is a “rich league league competition” 1. - 3. Liga. That of the strongest athletes is also "built" in the area. Soll hot, against incidental damage, etc. started man in the league for the or the association…! Sachen gibts! Also in the evening! And two: Der 17.6. was only the contract for a DREIERSERIE of starter possibilities of Geher in Rumburk, close to the German border! Bereits am 23.6. there is the highest point for masters with the masters of the Masters! Ehe am 30.6. then the day in the last year of the word a long day Walking in the stadium in Rumburk presented! Three starts are possible! Heart was you more?