Excellent performances and re-improvement of personal records of 17-year-old Jaroslav Morávek 46:30 min and Tereza Ďurdiaková 49:18 in walking 10 km in rainy Milovice. This way they are both clearly talking about the national team jersey !!! Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! Martin Nedvídek's incredible double race.

In ideal endurance weather 15 ° C, light rain, on not too ideal turning track (2x turn around the metal fences in each round ...) only seventeen-year-old JAROSLAV MORÁVEK from SMOLA CHŮZE PRAHA on the 10km track he again improved his personal record with an excellent performance of 46: 30min. Also TEREZA ĎURDIAKOVÁ she improved her personal record on the same track with an excellent performance of 49: 18min. Both of them are so clearly talking about the national team jersey at this year's MU PODĚBRADY WALKING (October 10, 2020). At 5km, the juniors also showed excellent performances and personal records, winning  ELIŠKA MARTÍNKOVA 23: 26min and third in line JANA ZIKMUNDOVA 25: 15min. An interesting feature of the race was the two-start Masters racer MARTINA NEDVÍDEK from AC Rumburk, who first won on the 5km track with an excellent performance of 22:57, so that only half an hour later he set off for the start of the main race for 10km, in which he won the overall 5th place with an output of 46: 45min. Something incredible at 45 !!! Now mainly to endure until the main October racing block. For the first time in a jersey PITCH WALKING PRAGUE also introduced a well-known German pedestrian analyst UDO SCHAEFFER, who had great breathing problems on the 5km track after the 1st track, and was so glad that he finished the race.















DSC0568Comment Mudr. Petr Brandejský:

This year's first race on the circuit was also the first round of the walking part of the extra league, I. and II. league. It took place in constant rain, which on the one hand was unpleasant, but at a temperature of 15-18 degrees. C were suitable conditions for endurance performances. A total of 109 participants (including 46 veterans from the age of 35, 52 women and 57 men), 98 from the Czech Republic (21 from Moravia, missing from completely competitors of Silesian clubs) and 11 from abroad (9 from Slovakia, 2 from Germany). There were 5 starters in the youngest categories; in girls at 1 km (2) Šárka Lepltová, 08, Spartak Vrchlabí won SMOLA KONSTRUKCE, at 6:28 min, 2 km of girls (2) controlled by Karolína Petrášová, 08, AK Borský Sv. Jur, in 13:52 min 2 km boys (1) Vojtech Vejvancicky, AC Rumburk (OR 13:11 min). Track 3 km pupils (4) won by Lucie Krinwaldová from Mladá Boleslav, 05 (16:39 min), 3 km of teenagers (3) Slovak pupil Daniela Ščepková, 05 (17:32 min) a 3 km of students (5) indoor master Tomáš Endršt, 05, USK Prague (OR 16:10 min). Race women 5 km for II. the league had 20 walkers at the start. As expected, the great hope of the Czech walk, junior Eliška Martínková, 02, AC Turnov (OR 23:26 min), won sovereignly. The Slovak youth team Karin Devaldová, 2, TU Košice (03:25 min), just before the second Turnov junior Jana Zikmundová, 12 (OR 02:25 min) finished in second place with almost 15 minutes behind her. The Slovak national team member, fourth, Stanislava Hakulinová, 03, TU Košice (26:19 min), the fifth student indoor champion of the Czech Republic Ema Klimentová, 05, AK Šternberk (27:06 min) and the sixth first veteran, experienced Lenka Borovičková, 73, in colors SK Nové Město nad Metují (28:27 min). Veteran Ivana Vránková, 74, Orel Vyškov (OR 28:55 min), Kladno runner at 800 m, junior Simona Pelová, 01 (OR 29:28 min) and veterans Anna Málková, 63, Orel Vyškov ( 29:43 min) with Marcela Nováková, 79, SK Nové Město nad Metují (29:54 min). Many other pedestrians have also improved their personal records. Second League men 5 km was 23, the duel of the trio from start to finish with a finish in the last km (in 4:24 min) was decided by veteran world champion Martin Nedvídek, 75, AC Rumburk (22:57 min) in front of Rostislav Kolář, 87, SK Hranice (23: 03 min) and Michal Šandera, 76, AC Rumburk (23:09 min). Last year's student Roman Hanyk, 04, AC Turnov (24:24 min) improved his personal record in fourth place, the returnee in the race, former representative Milan Švehla, 78, Atletika Holešov (25:57 min) and the sixth Karel Hevessy from Kladno , 98 (OR 26:24 min). Seventh place also belongs to the returnee, former junior representative Marek Blažek, 76, AC Rumburk (26:29 min), eighth to last year's Czech champion from the hall Patrik Solniček, 04, AC Mladá Boleslav (OR 26:43 min), ninth to Kladno's Kryštof youth Alex, 03 (27:42 min) and tenth in 28:46 min to Jan Rein, 63, AC Rumburk, chairman of the local section with a very successful walking group. The Slovak Olympian and the great rival of the Olympic winner Jozef Pribilinka Ján Záhončík, 14, visiting the AC TF Brno, finished in 65th place (30:54 min). Race on 10 km women there were 21 walkers for the extra league and the first league and he ended up with a number of personal records as expected. The winner was Olympian Anežka Drahotová, 95, USK Prague, who improved this year's best time to 46:35 min. Further improvement by Tereza Durdiaková, 91, AK Olymp Brno, already at 49:18 min, testifies to the great walking preconditions of this short training competitor (last year's second marathoner in the Czech Republic in 2:47 am). The life performance was brought by the race of the Slovak junior representative Alžbet Ragasová, 02, guest for AK Olymp Brno (for the first time under 50 min-49: 52 min). The fourth place belongs to the Slovenian Hana Burzalová, 00, also in the jersey AK Olymp Brno (52:49 min), the fifth came Štěpánka Pohlová Kučerová, 87, Sokol Hradec Králové (OR 53:16 min) in front of the youth champion Klára Hlaváčová, 03, AC TEPO Kladno (OR 53:53 min). Up to 11th place were times under 60 min - Naděžda Dušková, 80, guest for Dukla Prague (56:26 min), Veronika Janošíková, 98, guest for AK Olymp Brno (57:46 min - so far from running training, focuses to the October 20 km in Poděbrady), Jana Vildová, 79, TJ VTŽ Chomutov, 79 (OR 57:51 min), junior Michaela Baklíková, 01, AK ŠKODA Plzeň (OR 58:40 min) and veteran Lenka Slabáková, 66 , AC Moravská Slavia Brno (OR 58:43 min). It is worth mentioning the time of 60:28 min by Beroun junior Stella Sobotková, 01 in 13th place and an explanation of why the winner of the December New Year's Hall 2019 Petra Jeníková, 96, Spartak Prague 4, finished 18th in 67:43 min (she started with an injury knees caused by this representative of the Czech Republic in rugby before the race during the championship match). The same league track 10 km they went men 28. From the start, the national team of Vít Hlaváč, 97 (43:22 min), was defeated by the national team from the podium, when in the end he defended the lead over the Slovak national team member Michal Morvay, 96, guest for Hvězda Pardubice (43: 31 min). Olympian Lukáš Gdula, 91, who was in second place for a long time, was very unlucky, but after half of the track he injured his thigh muscle and reached the finish line with difficulty (45:30 min). The fourth place was won by the improving junior Jaromír Morávek, 03 PITCH CHUZE Prague (OR 46:30 min) in front of the 5 km winner Martin Nedvídek in Rumburk, 75 (46:45 min) and Vojtěch Ambrož from Nové Město, 91 (49:18 min). Veteran Filip Hejkrlík, 79, ATC Ústí nad Labem (50:16 min), Alexandr Malysa, 97, VSK University of Brno (51:17 min), Filip Veselouš, 95, VSK University of Brno (52:26 min) ) and veteran David Šnajdr, 71, SK Nové Město nad Metují (52:45 min). Robert Hurdálek, 03 from Nové Město, was ready for better performance, but he was betrayed by a renewed knee injury (53:45 min). The ceremonial announcement of the winners was made by the mayor of Milovice, as well as the technical delegate of ČAS (head of the walking league competitions) Petr Kratochvíl in the presence of a representative of ČAS and the director of the Poděbrady race, František Fojt; the best according to the categories received ČAS medals, cups and other prizes. The results of the chip system were provided by the company Sportovní servis (starting pedestrian Marek Blažek) and were continuously published; immediately after the race they got on the ČAS website (www.atletika.cz) and the next day there were also split times on www.sportovniservis.cz.             


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