Racing walking is an Olympic athletic discipline. Each athletic discipline has its beauty, its specifics, its circle of fans and professionals and thus contributes to the diversity of the athletic family. Compared to other members of the athletic family, racing walking has one specific additional feature: it is a movement where not only the achieved performance in objective measurable units is evaluated, but also the performance of a walking step during a competition in which one leg must be held permanently compared to running. in contact with the ground (there is no visible loss of contact of the pedestrian with the human eye) and the support leg must be stretched at the knee from the moment of the first contact with the ground until it is in a vertical position.

When walking, one competitor's foot must always touch the ground and the standing foot must be taut, not bent at the knee from the moment it touches the ground until the other foot passes it. Pedestrians are punished for any unauthorized technique, such as "lifting" - ie when not one foot touches the ground. The referees on the course report offenses against the rules to the three main referees, who can reprimand the intruder by showing him a yellow target; another violation follows the rule. Three red targets mean disqualification.

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