Czech pedestrians were waiting. After the foreign championship in Dudince, which did not bring much joy to the Czech colors, the racing season has started in our country as well. The weather was really April Foolish, but that's how it is at the beginning of April.

Authors: article - Lucie Nekulová / photo - Mr. Nekula

IMG 0357The first round of league competitions was divided into the Moravian and Czech parts. The Moravian clubs competed on Saturday in Holešov, the other walkers met in Rumburk. Currently, pedestrians from the north of Bohemia go towards Morava twice a year. Olomouc and even traditional Brno are worth the trip and the points. It's a shame that, on the other hand, it doesn't apply and the competition had to be broken up.


In Holešov, they decided to start together for men and women, which is certainly possible with a lower number of starters, but the league walk should be separated. However, in the cold weather, it was certainly welcomed by both the competitors and the team of organizers and judges.

The race day started with walking on 5000m. Here he won with a lead of more than four minutes Vojtěch Novák from Frýdek-Místek, who set a new OR - 24:29:19 right at the start of the season. OR by 15 seconds in a solo race, this testifies to the good work of coach Nejezchleb and his charge. Bravo.

He also finished second in a personal record by a long distance Petr Havránek from the border - 28:34:07. It's just his premiere performance at a pace below 6min/km. He was third at the finish line Tomáš Vojtíšek from Brno in 33:07:13.

A balanced fight with the second man in the order of seduction in the women's 5000m walk, Tereza Mrázková from Havířov, which also passed OR with a performance of 28:31:20 and for the first time came under the 29-minute mark. The second and third places were taken side by side Eliška Kokořováová, a competitor from Frýdek and the town (29:14:45) a Eliška Říhová, which was 0,05 behind the finish line.

A total of 5000 male and female athletes competed at the start of the 16m race.

In the 10m walk, the starter was the clear favorite outside the competition pilsner Jaromír Morávek, who a week after the 20km OR in Dudince managed to comfortably win at the training pace in exactly 44 minutes. He was second at the finish line Havířovský Jan Polák - 59:30.43 and third in just over an hour Filip Kaštovský from Poruba Athletics. 10 competitors lined up for the start.

In the women's race, she won the Toruń silver in the team competition Ivana Vranková in time 62:07:23, what a grove of colors Orlík of Vyško. Holešovská Aneta Pávková she performed 63:39.03 and finished second, she won the imaginary bronze for third place Lenka Slabáková from Brno - 65:43.78. 11 female athletes competed.

No one was disqualified in Holešov.


On Sunday, the North Bohemian club Rumburk hosted the next part of the league competition. At 1º to start 10m race 18 fighters stood, two did not see the goal for DQ. From the first meters he walked for a clear victory Martin Nedvídek visiting in the colors of Ústí nL The performance of 46:39.44 performed with absolute ease can only please him after 35km a week. he tried to keep up with him for the first three kilometers Albert Kukla from SK Jeseniova, which is newly prepared with

by the Ostrava group of Karel Ketner. OR 48:38.83 is pleasing for the beginning of the season and hopefully Albert will be able to fight his way to Poděbrady. The third ran out Václav Kolář from Liberec in 51:54.31. 4 other competitors - Řezábek, Doubek, Šolc and Janoušek - went to OR on the track.

Among the women, the battle for imaginary medals was much more exciting. From the beginning, the bronze medalist from Dudinc was in the lead Štěpánka Pohlová Kučerová from Hradec Králové with a performance of 56:54.39. Behind her, a big battle for points and OR was unfolding. Mladoboleslavská Lucie Krinwaldová she showed further progress and eventually claimed second place when she managed to pull away at the end of the race Johan Petříková - Spartak Prague 4, which continues its OR series after the indoor medal. Both competitors achieved great OR - 57:15.60 and 57:23.05. About 2km before the finish line, the fourth Jana Vildová dropped out of their group. Walking almost the entire race alone, Pavla Cinkánová from Liberec also managed a beautiful technical performance for OR and a time under 60 minutes - 59:00.16. 9 female competitors started, one was disqualified.

For the 5000m race 22 fighters took part, one was expelled from the race during the race. He became the clear favorite and winner Lukáš Pazdera (ASK Dipoli) with a time of 23:32.46. The second one at the finish line was from Novopacky, who arrived at the last moment Rudolf Cogan 25:52.77 and for a personal record you came third in 25:52.53 Martin Žežulka from Athletics Stodůlky.  Vojtěch Vejvančický, a student from Rumbur, came in sixth place for a big person - 28:50.57 and confirmed his significant indoor improvement. Another 30 fighters - Miloš Němec, Jakub Stejskal and Ladislav Stejskal - completed the race in a track car in times over 3 minutes.

IMG 6248In the women's race 15 competitors took to the start, who mastered the walking technique so much that not a single entry appeared on the scoreboard. The clear winner was the former representative, who only walks recreationally Jana Zikmundová from Turnov, who won with a time of 27:17.01. She kept up with her for a long time and even set the pace for a pair of Rumbur racers - Kačka Nedvídková (28:08.68) and Anička Horáková (28:52.94). The silver medalist from the team competition in Toruń - Lenka Borovičková - came in fourth place, having managed three sharp sides in one week. Veronika Scholzeová and Ema Kyselicová also completed OR in under 30 minutes, and Alžběta Musilová over 30 minutes.

Photos from the Rumburg race will be available here in a few days:

The walking season has thus officially started, and the next time male and female walkers will meet again in 14 days in Olomouc at the MČR in 20km walking and league competitions.






IMG 6097IMG 0104

foto1Although sport walking may appear to be a sport that requires less mobility than other sports, the truth is that this athletics discipline, where artistic impression (walking style) is evaluated in addition to performance, requires a certain level of flexibility. Insufficient flexibility can negatively affect not only performance, technique, but also the athlete's overall health. Mobilization and stretching are an important part of preparation for any sporting activity, including this Olympic discipline. This type of exercise helps to improve joint flexibility and mobility, muscle flexibility, reduce the risk of injury and, last but not least, to maintain walking technique. Unfortunately, even today, full of studies and research, people often underestimate this type of exercise, if not even reject it. If we do not realize the importance of mobilization exercises, they may seem unnecessary and the motivation to use them may be low.

Both professional and amateur walkers should always start their training by mobilizing their joints and muscles to prepare their body for the load. The most important muscle groups for walkers include the hamstrings, abdominal muscles, back muscles, and calf muscles. These muscle groups also need to be regularly stretched after training to reduce the risk of injury. But stretching also contributes to better performance during training and competition. Relaxed muscles can be used more efficiently, leading to a faster walking pace.

Overall, mobilization and stretching are an important part of preparing for any athletic activity, including race walking. We have prepared for you several basic mobilization and stretching exercises for the already mentioned problem parts, which should become a routine before training.

The author of the article and photos is Josef Smola and Jaroslav Mojžíš, fitness trainers of professional athletes with more than 13 years of experience


The racing season in the world started in full swing, on Saturday 25.3. the next edition of the Dudinská 50 took place, this race included 7 championship competitions, including the MČR in the 35 km walk.

IMG 0987The men's 35km race started at 8:30 in the morning and the sun slowly began to lean on the competitors.

Immediately after the start, the Canadian Evan Dunfee set off to the front of the race, who wanted his name on the winner's column and by starting in Dudince, he wanted to fulfill his dream of starting at this traditional meeting. Unfortunately, the race did not go well for him at all and in the end he had to bow down to the art of the other three rivals. Doctor from Mexico won in a world time of 2:26:37, nearly a minute ahead of second place Bonfire Caia from Brazil. The third Chinese raced past a struggling Dunfee 2km from the finish line to claim bronze in 2:29:00. However, even the fourth Dunfee, despite a race that did not suit him at all, came in under the sharp limit for the WC in Budapest!

The Czech competitors competed in their championship and probably no one doubted the winner. The only question was whether Vít Hlaváč (AC Teplo Kladno, tr. Větrovcová), who prepared for the season in Livigno, Cyprus and South Africa, can build on the results from last season. The race broke up together with the Slovakian Morvay, who, however, started to move away from him after 17km, and Víťa was already fighting more with himself. Although he won the championship title with ease, he ended up in 27th place overall, and he can hardly be satisfied with his performance. The performance of 2:43:43 is more than 2 minutes worse than last year's performance from Dudinci, what's worse, the performance is even worse than last year's 2:43:14 from the hellish World Cup of Walking Teams in Muscat, where the competitors fought not only with hot weather, but also extremely hilly track. Vítek is currently 38th in the world rankings, and when the points for Dudinc are counted, we can probably expect another drop down. The confirmed time performance for the WC when qualifying via ranking is 2:36:00. The weak consolation for the unconvincing performance can only be the fact that the limit for the EC in Poděbrady has been met.

However, behind Vítek, things were happening in the fight for more medals. The second of our Olympians, Lukáš Gdula, started after many years without pain or taping. However, the race didn't suit him at all either, he suffered through the kilometers and so the ageless literally raced through him for 17km Martin Nedvídek (AC Rumburk). Lukáš, who had a lead of more than 2 minutes during the race, was unable to react to Martin and his loss quickly increased to more than a minute. Around 22km he still tried to fight, quickly closing the gap to a difference of only 28 seconds, but that was all. Martin Nedvídek then easily defended his silver medal (38th in total) and with a performance of 2:58:01, he cannot be dissatisfied at the age of 48. A combative, concentrated performance rightly deserves the highest rating. Although he was more than 2 minutes behind OR from Žitava, this is nothing that should bother him after the problems with traveling the day before the race, when he arrived at the race site just before midnight.

The mentioned man then ran out for bronze Lukáš Gdula (Hvězda Pardubice, tr. Čermáková) at 3:02:59. Everyone would certainly wish Lukáš a good result if he had not been troubled by health problems for a long time, but this was really not his day. He then won the potato medal Alexandr Malysa (VSK University of Brno, tr. Malysa, who in the second half of the race decided to help the Czech women fighting for 3rd-5th place in the MCR and thus managed a time of 3:08:06. He definitely surprised positively by finishing the race.

IMG 0989The women's XNUMX brought a fantastic spectacle to the Peruvian world champion. Kimberly Garcia Leon she came to Dudinci perfectly prepared and outclassed her rivals not only with perfect style, but also with a performance that is not seen every day. A new world record, a time of 2:37:44, is how the world champion races. Even the fantastic Liu Hong from China lost more than 2 minutes to her!!!

IMG 0990The women's championship race also had a clear favorite. Tereza Ďurdiaková (USK Prague, tr. Piták)  she came to Dudinci directly from the training camp in Kenya and announced in advance that she would concentrate on Poděbrady. Tereza struggled from the first meters of the race, her style was refined and cumbersome. Although she easily won the championship title, her time of 3:13:53 is far behind even the qualifying performance for the European Championship in Poděbrady!

Far behind Teresa, the fight for another medal was taking place. From the beginning she went to the silver position Klára Hlaváčová (AC Teplo Kladno, tr. Čermáková). At 16 km, she already gave her rivals more than one kilometer, but it was clear how hard it was for her. Rivals Pohlová - Bakliková - Bugárová, however, continued to keep their pace, gradually accelerated and began to move away from the struggling Kláře on the kilometer circuit. After 22 kilometers, Michaela Bakliková, who was already struggling at that moment, had to withdraw from the race, as she stepped into an unmarked hole in the asphalt and thus renewed her ankle injury. Štěpánka Pohlová Kučerová (tr. Hlavenka, TJ Sokol Hr. Králové) she walked side by side with Nelly Bugárová (AK Škoda Plzeň, tr. Malysa) and the girls attacked Klára Hlaváčová's position hard. Starting the attack a kilometer earlier, the medals were distributed differently. Klára Hlaváčová defended silver by 36 seconds ahead of Pohlová - Kučerová, Bugárová lost only 4 seconds to bronze.

In addition to the main 35km race, other races were also held in Dudince. Descendants of famous fathers (Korzeniowsky, O'Callaghan) presented themselves in children's competitions.

He finished 10th in the 10km junior race Roman Hanyk (AC Turnov, tr. Čermáková), who had to stand in the penalty zone in the last kilometer. Unfortunately, the resulting time of 50:08 will not advance him to the European Championship in Poděbrady. However, it should be noted that there was a significant improvement in the competitor's technical performance, but the problems with the knees still persist when tired.

Eighth in the junior women's race Ema Klimentová (AK Šternberk, tr. Sadil/Čermáková) she ran her first junior top ten and a quality time of 50:43 secured her a representative jersey for the EC in Poděbrady. The indoor champion kept pace with her for the first 5 km Alžběta Franklová (school Čermáková, SK Jeseniova), but then she slowed down, but she too managed a solid OR in 12th place and with a time of 51:59 she broke the limit for Poděbrady by one second. Our other representatives in the competition were Katka Nedvídková (AC Rumburk) 59:47, Pittnerová Tereza (SK Vrchlabí Smola Konstrukce) 1:02:29. Anna Horáková AC Rumburk) did not finish the race.

We had 20 representatives in the men's 3km race. Last year's juniors presented themselves for the first time in the men's category and got a taste of what the world 20km walk looks like. Both were eager to break the ME 22 limit (1:28:00), which would mean a significant improvement in their OR. Out of the pair of "juniors", he did better in the end Adam Zajíček (tr. Ketner, Poruba Athletics), when he met the limit for Poděbrady with a time of 1:29:03 and improved OR by almost 7 minutes. Jaromír Morávek (tr. Ketner, AK ŠKoda Plzeň) with a time of 1:30:40, he also improved by almost 8 minutes, but was 40 seconds behind the limit for Poděbrady. However, both men's first sharp XNUMXs, both have shown that their transformation into XNUMXs is going in the right direction and can be expected to continue to improve. One can only hope that Morávek will also get a chance to start at the EC in Poděbrady and try to improve further on the fast track. It will be very difficult on the difficult Olomouc track. The third in the party was already a veteran by age Rostislav Kolář (SK Hranice). He was not idle during the winter either, and his late coach Brandejský would surely be happy that Rosťa improved his OR again after the race in Žitav, by 1:40 to 1:36:09. Bravo.

In the women's race, the petite Mexican González put in a great performance of 1:28:09, showing that it was possible to go fast even in a windy race. Eliška Martínková (USK Prague, tr. Čermáková) after returning from a training stay in Colombia, she was eager to meet the limit for ME 23, which was rather less of a formality for the seventh of the adult ME. She met the nomination criteria for ME 22 with ease, the time of 1:35:24 was enough for fourth place overall. Eliška also met the nomination requirements for the WC in Poděbrady, but she is far from the confirmation performance of ČAS for the WC in Budapest (1:32:00). Her performance was not the freshest either, and she will probably need more time to acclimatize after returning from the high altitude.

What did the Dudin race tell us about the state of Czech walking? The young competitors were pleased with their further gradual improvement. However, the mainstays of the national team will find it difficult to build on last year's successful year. The strategy of our coaches and competitors is surprising. The world came to Dudinci perfectly prepared. At times, the windy race did not prevent a number of pedestrians from performing at their best. The world is fighting for limits for the WC and the Olympics. There are also ranking points in the game. At no other meeting do competitors get so many bonus points. The gold meeting is the highest rated, athletes from all over the world want to show their best performance at the gold meeting. Our national team has a completely different strategy. Untuned performance, lack of ambition for maximum performance, lack of interest in gaining points in the rankings for quality times. If Podebrady were on the traditional April date, it would be understandable, even if foreign athletes are able to complete several high-quality races in a row. But Podebrady isn't until 21.5. The race in Dudince was the logical highlight of the first part of the season, but our mainstays certainly did not start in top form. The strategy of the Czech representative walk is thus more than mysterious.

The report directly from the site of the race was written by: Lucie Nekulová.

IMG 0997

IMG 0996




website Garcia Leonova D50 2023 photo Pavol Uhrin 768x5122022 World Champion for 20 and 35 km Kimberly Garcíová Leónová (photo on the left) from Peru formed at the 42nd edition of the Duda fifty in walking (a meeting with a gold statue of the World Athletics Race Walking Tour) basic world record for 35 km in time 2:37:44 h. After the change of discipline (from 50 km to 35 km), World Athletics set a limit of 2:38:00 h, which had to be overcome in order for the performance to be recognized as a world record. Margarita Nikiforova reached this limit last year, but the performance did not enter the record books because Russia had an international distance.

Garcíová León pedaled alone in front from the start and gradually increased her lead over the debutant at 35 km, the Chinese woman Liu Chung, world record holder at 50 km, Olympic winner from Rio 2016 at 20 km and four-time world champion. The Peruvian woman triumphed with a lead of 2:22 min (2:40:06 – Asian record). She won third place Magaly Bonilla from Ecuador (2:46:32). Garcia León split times - 5 km: 22:41, 10 km: 45:03, 15 km: 1:07:29, 20 km: 1:29:58, 25 km: 1:52:29, 30 km: 2: 15:10.

"I did a very good job. We knew that the races in Dudincie are of high quality. I was a bit worried about the weather because there was a strong wind, but I managed it. The last 15 kilometers were already very difficult, even considering the weather. I don't know where my limits are. I'm still working on myself. I will go to the World Championships again in both disciplines. Before Budapest, this was my last thirty-five. After all, I prefer twenty" revealed Kimberly Garcíová León at the finish line.

Among the Czech female competitors, the twenty-second Tereze Ďurdiaková, who crossed the finish line in 3:13:53 and, as the Czech Republic Championship on a 35-kilometer course took place as part of this meeting, won her third title in a row. Klára Hlaváčová (3:29:36) and Štěpánka Pohlová Kučerová (3:30:12) accompanied her to the podium.

website Doctor D50 2023 photo Pavol Uhrin 768x512Mexican José Luis Doctor Morales (photo left) won the men's 2 in a national record of 26:37:XNUMX. which thus improved by one place compared to last year. The second was the experienced Brazilian Ciao Bonfim in 2:27:30 and the bronze goes to China thanks to Lihong Cuia (2:29:00). Vít Hlaváč finished the race in 27th place in 2:43:43 and successfully defended his national championship title from last year ahead of Martin Nedvídek (2:58:01) and Lukáš Gdula (3:02:59).


Eliška Martínková achieved clearly the best Czech result in the women's twenty. It was the first sharp start for coach Kateřina Čermáková's ward. She completed one training race as part of the training camp in Colombia, but in Dudince she already went into the race with a clear ambition, and that was to beat the limit for the start at the Under-23 European Championship, which was set at 1:37, which for Eliška should not have been problem. By the tenth kilometer, she was in fourth place in the intermediate time of 45:57, and at that moment she was losing fifteen seconds to the third Mexican, Sofia Ramos Rodríguez.

In the second half of the race, the loss grew even more and the podium was further away from her. Martínková took fourth place with a time of 1:35:24 she comfortably met the nomination requirement to start at the U23 European Championship in Finland. For a clear sovereign victory, the Mexican Alegna Gonzáles achieved a very high-quality time and also a career high of 1:28:09, ahead of the Puerto Rican Rachelle Perez (1:31:11) and the already mentioned compatriot Sofia Ramos Rodríguez (1:34:22).

In the men's 20-kilometer race, after five years, Colombian Eider Arévalo once again took the Duda primacy. The 2017 world champion got ahead of the then-leading Swede Perse Karlström at the 1th kilometer and then only increased his lead to the finish line. His finish time was 19:23:1. Karlström had to settle for second place in 19:44:1. The third Mexican, Noel Almazán, did not get under 20:1 (20:46:XNUMX). The best Czech competitor Adam Zajíček finished in twenty-eighth place in a personal record of 1:29:03 and he will also compete at the European Walking Team Championship in Poděbrady. On the contrary, he missed the limit for the start at the under-23 European Championships by almost a minute.

The junior women's 10-kilometer race was dominated by the Mexican national team, who provided the complete crew of the winners' podiums. Favorite Karla Ximena Serrano won. The junior world champion from Cali triumphed with a performance of 45:33 ahead of compatriots Maria Fernando Santiago (46:50) and Renata Cortéz Romero (47:30). Even our two best competitors could be satisfied. Eighth Ema Klimentová (50:43) and twelfth Alžběta Franklová (51:59) set personal records and secured participation in the European Team Walking Cup in Poděbrady. Filip Krestianko from home won the junior race on the same track in 43:38.

The World Athletics Council has decided on the organizer of the World Walking Team Championships in 2024. The World Walking Race will be hosted by Antalya, Turkey.

600X398 1379900132The president of World Athletics, Sebastian Coe, justified the awarding of the host with these words. "Turkey has proven to be a very capable organizer of international events in recent years. Turkey managed to host the European Indoor Championships a few weeks ago despite being hit by an earthquake shortly before. 

The World Team Walking Championships will be Turkey's second global athletics summit to be held here. The first was the World Indoor Championships in 2012. It is expected that around five hundred male and female pedestrians from approximately fifty countries will travel to Antalya for this race next year. "The fact that the World Team Walking Championships will be held in Antalya is very important to increase the awareness of athletics in our country and to attract new fans of athletics. We hope that hosting this championship will be another dynamic step forward for Turkish athletics.” stated the president of Turkish athletics, Fatih Cintimar.


The MCR in walking 35 km for men and women takes place on Saturday 25.3.2023 March 42 as part of the 50nd edition of the Dudinská 35. Selection of competitors for the MCR in walking XNUMX km.

Men of the MČR 35km walk:

Vít Hlaváč, Lukáš Gdula, Martin Nedvídek, Alexandr Malysa , while Alexandr Malysa did not meet the qualification limit, but was selected by the technical delegate due to the needs of the Czech Republic.

He met the qualification limit and thus still has the right to participate Josef Smola, who, however, preferred the concurrently held MS Masters in Torun, Poland (March 27.3-31.3)

Women MČR 35km walk:

Terez Ďurdiaková, Štěpánka Pohlová - Kučerová, Michaela Baklíková, Klára Hlaváčová, Nelly Bugárová, whereas Klára Hlaváčová and Nelly Bugárová did not meet the qualification limit, but were selected by the technical delegate due to the needs of the Czech Republic.

Proposal of the MČR here.

Proposition of the 42nd year of Dudinská 50 <a href="" data-gt-href-en="">here</a>.

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