The Ostrava Stadium, the most modern in the Czech Republic, welcomed several hundred of the best domestic athletes on a tropical weekend. Pedestrians did not get lost among them, 5 teenagers and 000 teenagers competed in 11 m, juniors and 7 juniors in 10 m 000, but there were the least of all disciplines. The medalists Veselková and Krinwaldová were missing from the juniors, and the medalist Klazar was from the juniors. The tropical temperatures that prevailed over the weekend were slightly eased by a morning start at 4 and 4; the temperature was still over 8,45 degrees. C and made it difficult to perform mainly at 9,25 m.

DSC00620Between adolescents at 5 m the main favorite Ema KLIMENTOVÁ, 05, AK Šternberk (coach J. Sadil) went tactically to victory and when after the third of the track she broke away from the main rival Alžběta FRANKLOVÁ, 05, SK Jeseniova (coach T. Korbel), she had a sufficient lead in the finish (time 25: 25.32 vs. 25: 42.20 min OR). Adéla PITTNEROVÁ, 15, SK Vrchlabí won the bronze medal by another 25 s back in 57.47: 06 min SMOLA KONSTRUKCE (coach K. Maternová). With a gap of two minutes, Anna won fourth place by accelerating in the last 600 m Horakova, 05, AC Rumburk (coach M. Nedvídek) with time 28: 06.94 min before Michaela Plešáková, 05, Sokol České Budějovice (coach M. Lapka) in OR 28: 24.24 min; Veronika is already in sixth place Smolikova, 05, AC Prague 1890 (coach F. Zouhar) did not cross the limit of 30 minutes (OR 30: 06.09 min). Of the other five pedestrians, four improved their OR: Frýdek-Místek Nikola Bobokova, 05 (coaches K. Maštalířová, J. Nejezchleba) at 30: 28.41 min, Ema Oxygen, 06 (coach P. Brandejský) from Spartak Prague 4 at 30: 32.90 min, Aneta Friday, 05 (coach J. Hřib) from Atletika Holešov at 30: 51.84 min and Adéla Malenovska, 06, from Atletika Havířov 1965 (coach J. Polášek) at 34: 51.66 min.

V teenagers at 5 m was from the start to the finish sovereign Albert KUKLA, 05, SK Jeseniova (coach T. Korbel) in quality OR 23: 49.61 min and won the first gold medal. Only briefly his opponent was Vojtěch NOVÁK, 06, Slezan Frýdek-Místek (coaches M. Nejezchlebová, J. Nejezchleba) again with a very improved performance (OR 24: 44.29 min by 2 min), which was awarded a silver medal. Indoor champion Tomáš ENDRŠT, 05, USK Prague (coach P. Brandejský) has been experiencing a great crisis for a long time and had to be satisfied with bronze in 24: 55.96 min. Filip finished fourth with a loss of almost 4 minutes Barton, 06, Athletics Jižní Město (coach P. Brandejský) in OR 28: 48.96 min, when he significantly surpassed Matěj Bald head, 06, AC Pardubice (coaches P. Strnad, V. Král) for 30: 00.41 min and Matěj Hey girl, 06, AK Zlín (coach D.Remešová) in OR 30: 22.71 min. Newcomer Tobias Urbanek, 06, Sokol Praha Královské Vinohrady (coach M. Ešpandr) would be seventh in the OR 31: 43.34 min.

Juniors at 10 m they had the only favorite: Klára HLAVÁČOVÁ, 03, AC TEPO Kladno (coach K. Čermáková) went OR 52: 56.28 min and is slowly returning to last year's performance (10 km just over 50 min). The distance of other medalists was abysmal, over eight minutes, yet they improved - Tereza PITTNEROVÁ, 04, SK Vrchlabí SMOLA KONSTRUKCE (coach K. Maternová) at 61: 18.48 min (OR and silver medal) and Tereza MRÁZKOVÁ, 04, Athletics Havířov 1965 (coach J. Polášek) at 61: 52.65 min (OR and bronze medal). Štěpánek ŠLICHTOVÁ, 10, TJ VTŽ Chomutov (coach T. Parnica) has not been successful since the national team start at Poděbrady in April, when she covered 61 km just over 03 minutes; this time it was 66: 04.74 min (OR).

810 2446Duel of two nominees for the European Championships juniors at 10 m was the dominant feature of the race; up to 9600 m they took turns in setting a high pace, then Jaromír MORÁVEK, 03, AK ŠKODA Plzeň (coach I. Piták) set the finish line and won the new championship record 44: 28.46 min before Adam ZAJÍČEK, 03, Athletics Poruba (coach K Ketner) for 44: 45.05 min (OR). Bronze deservedly won Robert HURDÁLEK, 03, SK Nové Město nad Metují (coach D. Šnajdr) in UR 47: 17.83 min and the fourth was Roman Hanyk, 04, AC Turnov (coach D. Šnajdr) in OR 49: 13.29 min. The first pair of medalists in the 5 m was nominated for the national team start at MU 000 in Hungary on June 18. The championship races confirmed the young people's little interest in racing walking; great talents appear, but despite all the efforts of walking coaches, the base is extremely low.                     

MD P. Brandejský