At the age of only 62, the legendary pedestrian, friend, coach and "Slayer" of Jarda Maky died on Tuesday, April 5, 2022.

Jarda Maky died ..... The devastating news came on Tuesday morning ...... and why he ... 

A legendary walker, a great friend and my former coach. Now that I remember Maky, I'm actually just laughing - and that's how it should be ... His training doses in the Tatras were epoch-making. I don't know anyone who would ever be able to withstand such a training frenzy (eg 2x30km or 10x2km plus 2x5km at 4:15 / km ... etc). Weekly mileage 220km in the High Tatras from November to March ....... When the training plan wrote to me in 1990-1991, it was a real massacre, but the result was 50km-3: 59: 42h, 100km-9: 40: 16h and the Czech Republic record ....... 

The last farewell to Maky takes place on Monday, April 11.4.22, 14 at XNUMX pm in the ceremonial hall at the cemetery in Neratovice - Lobkovice. Honor his memory! 


Jarda Maky (in the photo with the number 128) will forever remain in 5th place in the Czech Republic in the tables on the legendary 50km track: