Czech Walking Championship in the hall of Prague, February 13, 2022

1. I divide the originally announced joint race for 3000 m walk of women, juniors and teenagers into 2 races, namely the race for 3000 m walk of teenagers and joint race for 3000 m walk of women and juniors, and in this context I change the time schedule as follows:

10.30 3000 m walk Harvest F

11.00 3000 m walk Žci F

11.30 3000 m walk Dky F

12.00 3000 m walk W F 3000 m walk Jky F

12.30 5000 m walk MF 5000 m walk Jři F 5000 m walk Dci F

2. In the junior category, I additionally designate Vivien Uvírová, 2003, Atletika Poruba zs

In Pacov, on February 9, 2022 RNDr. Ladislav Kňákal