The indoor walking races took place last weekend not only in the Czech Republic (in Jablonec and Olomouc), but also in Munich and Bratislava. Adam Zajíček crossed the 5.000m in Bratislava in 20: 47,67 and the MASTERS racer Horst Kiepert in Munich took a speed test in preparation for the World Championships in Oman! 

In Bratislava, only the winning Miroslav Úradník got under 5.000min walk, the Czech junior representative Adam Zajíček went very well 20: 20. In women at 47,67m, Klaudia Žárska set a very good personal record of 3.000: 13. All results from Bratislava can be found at:

Andreas Janker won the 5.000m walk in Munich at 23: 45,70 and our friend Horst Kiepert (born 1951) took a speed test in preparation for the MASTERS World Championship in Oman - Muscat !!!

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