Horst and Maria Kiepert, the great hosts of Josef Smola in Biburg near Augsburg.

In the run-up to Christmas, he invited Horst Kiepert (MBB-SG AUGSBURG) friend Josef Smol (PRAGUE WALKING PRAGUE) to visit his home in Biburg near Augsburg. Horst and Maria Kiepert prepared a great program, which included training in addition to a tour of Augsburg, and time was left to talk about something other than walking. Horst and Maria Kiepert were great hosts.

In addition to the incredible balance sheet of Horst Kiepert, who already runs an incredible 55 le !! t !, and will probably become an athlete with the most racing starts ever at the end of this year (tomorrow) !! With its unmistakable long (huge) stride and always perfect style. Horst started walking in Potsdam and even coached Ronald Weigel (the current coach of the German pedestrian team) in the youth categories, where 5-7 young pedestrians trained regularly in his group. Horst has been living happily with his wife Maria in Biburg near Augsburg for 25 years.

One of Horst 's nice home training tracks, leading along the bike path we are onand together they slid a beautiful light morning training: 8km breeding + 10 x 200m:

Biburg 1

This time, the city of Augsburg lacked, as everywhere, Christmas markets, but a visit to the restaurant fortunately, following the 2G + rule was not a problem:Augsburg am Abend



Also very interesting is Horst's collection of paintings (pictures below) with walking themes, the author of which is the former famous Italian pedestrian Raffaelo Ducceschi, now living as an artist:Horst at home 1






Horst image 2Horst image 1