IMG 1073 Medium792440c24a244926ddea1a05ab9227303dc0968e 1November 12, 2021. At the age of 92, the legend of the Athletic Veteran Movement in Europe and the founder of the Association of Veterans of the Czech Athletic Association left.

Multiple medalist from the World and European Championships, honorary chairman of our association.

Josef Smola:

My biggest veteran sports model and great person has left. I'm very sad. I will never forget. Whenever I had the honor of meeting him in person, even for a brief moment, his presence always motivated and inspired me immensely!

Honor his memory!


Jiří Brychta on behalf of the entire Board of Directors of SV ČAS:

Karel has always loved and promoted sports. He always claimed that it could be done indefinitely. (It was he who designed the horizontal figure eight for our emblem.) He was proof of that - he participated in our championship this year as well. He wrote a beautiful book about Veteran Athletics - Wanderings in the history of veteran athletics. Until his last days, he prepared another book about his travels in athletics around the world.

We thank you very much for everything and we promise that we will continue the work you started and play sports as long as your health allows.

We know you will watch us from heaven and keep your fingers crossed.