Jaromír Morávek is leaving PRAGUE WALKING PRAGUE to AK Škoda Plzeň!

Moravek watch DSC0452Jaromír Morávek is leaving Prague PITCH. The best Czech junior pedestrian is headed to AK Škoda Plzeň. Both clubs have already agreed on the transfer in the November transfer date, so only the official confirmation of the transfer from the Czech Athletic Association is missing.

Jaromír Morávek came to PITCH WALKING in 2019 from AC Moravská Slavia Brno as a promising teenager. During his time at SMOLA CHŮZE, he developed into the best Czech youth and later junior pedestrian. On August 8, 2020, he set a Czech youth record in walking at 21m on the track in Rumburk with a performance of 46,26: 5.000 minutes. This year he met the nomination criteria and took part in both the European Junior Championships in Tallinn, Estonia (10.000m walk on the track, 11th place, 44: 12,17) and the World Championships in Nairobi, Kenya (10.000m walk on the track, 18th. place, 45: 44,72min). At the end of this year's racing season, he won a bronze medal at the very first Czech Championship in road walking for 35 km with a performance of 2: 54.30.

Jarda Morávek to leave: "I would like to thank Pep Smol for his support, you really saved me in 2020, I'm just sorry you regret it. It was a decision that I postponed for a long time, but given my situation, this decision is logical. I will I'm glad you allow me to transfer. It's nothing personal, my transfer is purely purposeful. I wish you a lot of sports and work success. Thank you again for your support. "

Josef Smola to release Jarda: "I do not regret anything towards Jarda, on the contrary, I am very proud and glad that I helped Jarda get to the level of the best Czech junior with financial, material and organizational support! I wish Jard a lot of success and satisfaction in his new position and further performance growth. If someone is following these pages or walking events in more detail, you know that in June of this year, the cooperation between Ivo Piták and SMOLA CHŮZE came to an end. And because Ivo Piták is also the coach of Jarda, it is necessary to look for the main reason for his departure right here ".

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