23.10.2021, Prague-SATALICE, Chodecké závody "Praha-Brandýs nad Labem", 10 and 5 km on the circuit

Only at the end of the athletic season of the next "coronavirus" year did the organizers from AC Prague 1890 led by F. Zouhar to organize another year of "Brandýs", newly in the natural environment of the satalical forest park "Arborka". The advantages of the new location are the exclusion of traffic, clean air and easier travel than to the original Zelenče, a slight disadvantage is the elevation gain on most of the 1200 m asphalt circuit. Due to the end of the season, the participation was low (5 men and 4 women), cold (10 ° C) and windy weather tested the resistance of the starters, but relatively good performances were achieved for the given period. The women's category at 5 km was dominated in significantly improved OR time by 27:56 min by junior Johana Petříková, 02, TJ Dukla Prague before veteran Lenka Slabáková, 66, AC Moravská Slavia Brno (OR 28:39 min) and Petra Jeníková, 96, Spartak Prague 4 (30:31 min). The 5 km youth category had the first "newcomer" Veronika Smolíková among the girls, 05, AC Prague 1890 (34:00 min), among the boys the more experienced Tomáš Endršt, 05, USK Prague (24:50 min). The main race of the men at 10 km had an interesting course, where half of the track was set by the pace for the final time of about 46 minutes Tomáš Gdula, 97, Hvězda Pardubice, followed by Rostislav Kolář, 87, SK Hranice; veterans Tomáš Vojtíšek, 73, AC Moravská Slavia Brno and Josef Smola, 64, SMOLA CHUZE Prague, walked a long way. After the fifth km, Kolář took the lead, kept the pace and won the OR 46:16 min, T. Gdula was in the finish a minute later (47:18 min); Vojtíšek (56:12 min than Smola (56:34 min) was faster from the veterans). very fast (especially if the direction of walking is reversed than it was now), clear for the judges and certainly deserves a much greater participation next year Petr Brandejský, MD

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