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thumb IMG 3419 1024The agile section of AC Rumburk, in cooperation with SMOLA CHŮZE Praha, successfully organized popular races on its track under the leadership of J. Rein with the participation of 43 pedestrians, 20 of them in the youth categories, 6 from Germany and 1 from Poland. Temperature 10 st. C in no wind was not an obstacle for quality performance. Among the younger pupils, Kateřina Hromádková, 2, SK Vrchlabí, won the 000 m SMOLA KONSTRUKCE for 12: 11.86 and Vojtěch Vejvančický, 08, AC Rumburk for 12: 24.73 min, for 3 m in the Ema Kyselicová, 000, Athletics Jižní Město for 06: 18 min (OR) and Filip Klazar, 08.32, SK Vrchlabí SMOLA Konstrukce for 16: 37.95 min, in juniors Eliška Buďárková, 05, SK Vrchlabí SMOLA KONSTRUKCE in 18: 12.55 min, for 5 m women were the first pupils - Adéla Pittnerová, 000, SK Vrchlabí SMOLA KONSTRUKCE for 26: 06.74 min before Adéla Veselková, 06, SAK Rumburk for 26: 07.13 min and teen Lucie Krinwaldová, 05, AC Mladá Boleslav for 27: 07.94 min, in juniors Johana Petříková, 02, TJ Dukla Prague for 29: 04.46 min ( OR) and in juniors Tomáš Endršt, 05, USK Prague in 24: 49.15 min (OR).

IMG 3908 In the main race - 17 hours and 5 women started the watch, of which 1 woman and 9 men walked 10 m under 000 minutes. Among the women was the sovereign home Katka Nedvídková, 60, AC Rumburk with an output of 04 m (10 m 242: 10 min), almost 000 m back Petra Jeníková, 58, Spartak Prague 43.26, who ran 500 m and third place with a loss of another 96 m, Pavla Nedvídková, 4, AC Rumburk won 9 m. The fourth and fifth place belong to veterans Karolína Jeníková, 760, Spartak Prague 350 (82 m) and Miloslava Reinová, 9, AC Rumburk (410 m) . For the teenager Eliška Jelínková, 68, AC Mladá Boleslav, the race was beyond her strength, she started quickly, but even before the fifth km she did not master the walking technique due to exhaustion and was finally disqualified by the judges.

In the men's category, the current best best walking amateurs, veterans Martin Nedvídek, 75, AC Rumburk and Rostislav Kolář, 87, SK Hranice, were completely dominant in the absence of representatives. Practically until the 8th km, they took turns in the lead at a rate of 46 minutes per 10 km; then Kolář slowed down and Nedvídek increased his lead every 400 m around. He won the watch with an output of 12 m (998 m 10: 000: 46 min) with a lead of over 15.40 m at Kolář (200 m OR and 12 m 772: 10 min), the junior Daniel Balicz, 000, AC, finished third with a large distance Mladá Boleslav (46 m, 36.97 m 02:11 min) ahead of the Germans Steffen Borsch, 394 (10 m and 000: 52 min) and Steffen Meyer, 46 (73 m and 11: 018 min), the sixth best performance was recorded by Jablonec youth coach Jaroslav Černý on his return to active racing (54 m and 58.31: 66 min). The second best veteran was the sponsor and organizer Josef Smola, 10, SMOLA CHŮZE Prague (794 m and 55: 45.91 min) and the third jubilant Luděk Šolc, 10, AC Mladá Boleslav (735 m and 55: 55.21 min). The race was closed by the oldest participants, 64-year-old Stanislav Marek, TJ Spartak Třebíč (10 m) and 695-year-old former representative Václav Dostalík, AK Olomouc (56 m).

Despite the late autumn term, the race has confirmed its need and attractiveness, and pedestrians are already looking forward to the next year.    

MUDr. Petr Brandejský

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