The premiere championship of men and women in walking for 35 kilometers took place in Banská Bystrica. Vít Hlaváč and Tereza Ďurdiaková won the titles. The hero of the Czech Championship is Martin Nedvídek.

The 35-kilometer walking race is a new championship discipline and will replace the current 24 in men's and women's categories at major international events. The Czech Athletic Association officially announced this championship very late, on September 2021, 3, ie only XNUMX weeks before the event itself. And so those who considered participating or eventually signed up and participated did not have a chance to prepare properly for this MČR, unlike the narrow encapsulated Czech Republic repre group, which knew about this race in early August and which unfortunately with the general pedestrian public through she does not communicate her representative (Kateřina Čermáková) at all, unless we include the communication of her charges on social networks, which, however, cannot be considered serious. 

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Vít Hlaváč and Tereza Ďurdiaková won the titles. Despite the competition of Slovak and Hungarian rivals, it clearly dominated the women's race Tereza Ďurdiaková at 2:51:50, thus cutting 5 minutes and 18 seconds from her Poděbrady time. To the two championship titles out of her twenties, she has now added the first one on the 35-kilometer track, which she had previously heard that could be even closer to her than twenty. With an overview, she also met the nomination requirements for the start at the World Championships in Eugene and at the European Championships in Munich. She is already qualified for both events for the 20-kilometer race. Only after Tereza did she finish in time 2:52:21 Hungarian Viktória Madarászová a the third was 3:08:43 Slovak champion Hana Burzalová. Jana Zikmundová achieved the second best performance in the Czech Republic Championship (3:25:08). Two-time medalist from this year's junior international tops Eliška Martínková did not finish the race. The same fate befell the best Slovak pedestrian Mária Czaková.

The men's race was dominated by the Slovak champion Miroslav Úradník at 2:37:32. Of the Czechs, the second was the best Vít Hlaváč, who thanks to the performance of 2:45:25 won the premier title of champion of the Czech Republic on this track. Otherwise, however, this is his fourth pedestrian gold medal in the last eleven months. Over the past year, he has also won titles at the age of twenty and fifty, as well as in the 50-meter race on the track. In the past, however, he managed a thirty-five-kilometer portion faster than he managed in Banská Bystrica. During his personality in his fifties in Dudince, he went through this goal in the meantime at 000:2:41. As for the Czech championship, the silver was hung around the neck by an experienced person Lukáš Gdula for 2:53:16. He was fourth overall. He won his first championship medal among adults bronze Jaromír Morávek (2:54:30)who is still a junior age.

However, he was the hero of the race Martin Nedvídek - fourth in the ranking of the Czech Championship in the time of 3: 01: 20h, who jumped on the race from only 700 km distant Rumburk, where a few hours in advance on Saturday afternoon clearly dominated the Prague Walking Watch: MORE INFO and in the total number of Hodinovka 12.998m 35km 3: 01: 20h, so at 48km he reached a power of 4: 01: 20h !!!