Adéla Veselková 3.000: 14min and Matěj Piták 50.05: 14min


b74a3549 Medium18 pupils and 15 pupils presented themselves at the start of the Chodec championship races. The change from summer temperatures to very cold weather with wind (12-15 degrees C) did not visibly affect the results at the Jan Železný Stadium, but tested the resistance of the participants in the longest championship races. Predictions of the ranking in the first six places based on the performances of the season so far were confirmed, but also in other places the struggle for placement and the best possible times were fought hard. Of the eighteen students, fifteen improved their personal records, and of the fifteen students, twelve. And they were not just "newcomers to this September", but five girls and four boys from the top six! Regarding walking technique, the walker Mr. František Párys, the central judge and also an experienced racer and coach, is called in for evaluation. In the category of students Adéla PITTNEROVÁ, 06, SK Vrchlabí, took the lead this year SMOLA KONSTRUKCE (coach K. Maternová), but after 800 m she was replaced by last year's champion Adéla VESELKOVÁ, 06, SAK Rumburk (coach L. Veselka). Veselková kept increasing her lead and won the OR in 14: 50.05 min (split times 4: 38.72 and 9: 41.82). Pittnerová did not repeat her four-day-old performance from Turnov (14:46 min) and won a silver medal for a quality time of 15: 14.90 min. Viktorie BARTOŇOVÁ, 08 (OR 16: 23.22 min) ahead of Eliška KOKOŘOVÁ, 07 (OR 16: 30.38 min) decided the bronze medal one minute back between the charges of coach J. Nejezchleby from TJ Slezan Frýdek-Místek. Fifth place by another 90 s back in OR 18: 03.91 min was defended by Michaela BOBOKOVÁ, 07, also from TJ Slezan Frýdek-Místek, before Ema KYSELICOVÁ, 06, Athletics Jižní Město (coach P. Brandejský) - OR 18: 22.53 min and Nelou SKUPIEŇOVOU, 07, AK Šternberk (coach M. Sadil) - OR 18: 53.20 min. Ema KOUDELKOVÁ, 08, SK Vrchlabí surprised the eighth place SMOLA KONSTRUKCE (coach K. Maternová) - OR 19: 01.21 min, ninth finished Kristína ŠČERBÍKOVÁ, 06, ATLETIK RUDNÁ (coach M. Dončev) - OR 19: 30.40 min and tenth Adéla MALENOVSKÁ, 06, Athletics Havířov 1965 (coach V. Polášek) - OR 19: 56.59 min. Another 21 students got under 22 minutes, another three under 25 minutes and the race did not succeed in the 09.63th, with a time of 90: XNUMX it was over XNUMX seconds behind OR.

b74a3834 MediumCategories of students she had a clear favorite, who also won, even though he was 34 days behind the four-year-old OR: Matěj PITÁK, 07, SK Vrchlabí SMOLA KONSTRUKCE (coach K. Maternová) - 14: 38.40 min (splits 4: 48.76 min and 9: 42.46 min). Vojtěch NOVÁK, 800, TJ Slezan Frýdek-Místek (coach J. Nejezchleba) went the first of almost 06 ms to him this year; pace was not enough, but slowed down a little and in the finish rejoiced not only in the silver medal, but also a big improvement of 65 s - quality OR 15: 07.59 min. Filip KLAZAR completed the medal harvest of the Vrchlabí group of coach Maternová with bronze and 70 with improvement, 06 - OR 16: 01.60 min. Under 17 minutes, Šimon VÁCLAVÍK from Frýdek-Místek came in fourth place, 08 - OR 16: 44.83 min (improvement by 30 s). Filip BARTOŇ, 06, Atletika Jižní Město, (coach P. Brandejský) and Čeněk TOPOR, 07, Orel Vyškov (coach A. Málková) took the fifth place in the second half of the track; 200 m before the finish, Bartoň gained a small lead, but Topor overtook him 50 m before the finish and the finish camera had to decide the order: Bartoň succeeded 0,03 s (OR 17: 32.96 min) ahead of Topor (17: 32.99 min). Eduard VODVÁŘKA, 5, Athletics Jižní Město (coach P. Brandejský) won seventh place after accelerating in the third km (43:06 min) in OR 17: 40.26 just before Jan ŠVACH, 06, TJ Sokol Kolín-atletika (coach J. Robovský ) - OR 17: 45.66 min; ninth Matěj HEJČL, 06, TJ Jiskra Otrokovice (coach D. Remešová) was 18: 09.94 min 14 s behind his OR and tenth, newcomer Filip HODAČ, 07, USK Praha (walking coach P. Brandejský), in the third race during 14 days again improved OR - this time by 44 s to 18: 48.47 min. The other four pedestrians went to OR between 19: 18-19: 49 min and the last one created OR at 20: 00.13 min. In conclusion, one complaint: during the championships, the competitors in all disciplines were introduced and shown on the big screen (similar to extraleactions or international races) after coming together from the convocation to the stadium area, only pedestrians did not. Why? The opportunity to show the audience (ie participants, their parents and coaches) that walking, physically and technically demanding, is an integral part of athletics is lost and young pedestrians who have a minimum of starting opportunities against others are capable of interesting fights and reasonably good performances.    

MD P. Brandejský