The jubilee 55th year of the Olomouc Twenties on April 10, 2021 will be the Czech Republic's 20km men's and women's walking championship and the Czech Republic's Veterans' Championship. Tenth! under the patronage of SMOLA KONSTRUKCE Ltd

Although the creation of the 2021 walk schedule is still in severe labor pain due to how poor the existing competent people are. Nevertheless, one thing is certain, given how intensively the new competent people work and that is the date of the jubilee 55th Olomouc Twenties in Smetanovy sady in Olomouc, which this time will really be a "twenties" and at the same time as the Czech 20km Walking Championship men and women and at the same time as the Czech Veterans Walking Championship. And another great news is that there will be no time limit for passing the 15th kilometer, as has been the case so far in Poděbrady. As a result, the race is really open to everyone and that is why we also organize it.

Of course, all of the above took place in agreement with the Czech Athletic Association and in the context of the fact that in Poděbrady this year on May 16 will be the top international walking event - European Team Walking Championships (then the same in 2023 and 2025). And concurrence with the Czech Championships in Poděbrady is not possible.

At the same time, we assume that the race will be a nomination criterion and an opportunity for a final nomination (a broader nomination should be published in the coming days by chief coach Kateřina Čermáková, so that the addressed competitors have enough time to prepare) for walking teams of men, women, juniors, juniors for the upcoming European Team Walking Championships on May 16, 2021 in Poděbrady.

We are for the tenth time! organizer and general partner of the international walking competitions "OLOMOUCKÁ DVACÍTKA":

We have been cooperating very successfully in this historic and traditional race since its 45th year, which took place in 2011, ie for ten years!

The "Olomoucká dvacítka" plant in Smetanovy sady in Olomouc has a long tradition.

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Historically, the first year dates back to August 27, 8 and very quickly this race gained in popularity. Alois Lajčík, Václav Dostalík and Jaroslav Bráblík were the biggest promoters of the race in the post-war period. These competitors were among the leading Czechoslovak pedestrians. In the mid-1967s, TJ Lokomotiva Olomouc created the conditions for them to organize their own walking race. In cooperation with the organizers Jaroslav Polák and František Dvořák, they managed to hold the first year in 1967.

They chose Smetana's Gardens as the venue for the race, the venue of the international flower exhibitions Flora Olomouc, which together with the ideal circuit in the park environment create a unique atmosphere of the race. That is why the race is sought after not only by ours, but mainly by leading foreign pedestrians.

Legends of Czechoslovak and international walking regularly took part in the race today: Jozef Pribilinec, Pavol Blažek, Roman Mrázek, Juraj Benčík, Alexander Bílek, Václav Dostalík, Ivo Piták, Miloš Holuša, Jaroslav Makovec, Miloslav Lapka, Jana Smolová-Zárubová, Dana Vavřačová, Viera Toporek from Austria, Gunhild Kristensen from Denmark.

In the modern era, the best Czech competitors Lukáš Gdula, Vít Hlaváč, Martin Nedvídek, Anežka Drahotová, Zuzana Schindlerová, Lucie Pelantová, participants in the Olympic Games and of course the whole other Czech and Slovak pedestrian community, competing with the top international competition of competitors from Slovakia, Poland, Lithuania, Italy, etc. The race is also attended by one of the best current pedestrians in the world, Olympic winner and world champion Matej Tóth from Slovakia. We place great emphasis on the student and adolescent categories in order to support the interest in walking of our youngest generation, so that it becomes the engine of the development of sport in our society.

The race track is run in Smetanovy sady, on an ideal, straight and at the same time certified circuit, according to the rules of ČAS and IAAF, where it is possible to achieve world performances and limits for major international events such as the Olympic Games, World Championships or Europe.

Near the track is the hotel Flora, which offers ideal accommodation. Another hotel was opened this year. The city of Olomouc has connections to the international airports of Vienna, Brno, Bratislava and Ostrava.

As for the organizational side of the races, it is provided by the local athletic club, which has extensive experience in organizing the Czech Championships, the Czech Championships 22, the Pupils' Championships, the All-Around Championships, the Municipal Championships, but also major world events in the form of the World Championships for the Disabled.

The general partner of the event is the company SMOLA KONSTRUKCE Ltd