The correctness of the centralization path is also confirmed by this year's first walking performance abroad. We did well in Slovakia! 

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From the central pedestrian training camp in Bohuňovice (near Olomouc), 9 pedestrians "bounced" from a full training race to Slovakia. (On Thursday, all participants fought with repeated repeated cycle pedals in the afternoon to the top of Ece Homo, after the morning fast walking sections. In the evening, the sections in the pool were still swimming. And the rebound to Saturday's race was still successful. Our pedestrians are definitely not lost. All participants attacked their best performances and several (albeit tired) competitors moved their PB significantly. 

10km - Víťa Hlaváč reached the 3rd place among men 42:22 (PB), the same place was achieved in the women's category by Terka Ďurdiaková, who moved her maximum to 47:58. Eliška Martínková won the junior category in the time of 49:32 (she clearly convinced me even from the burnt-out race that the limit of excellent junior 50 minutes is her minimum standard). Among the teenagers, Jarda Morávek 44:51, who won a strong OR, shone in style, matured and, above all, quickly performed. 

Adélka Pittnerová 2nd place 15:43 (PB) and Matěj Piták 3rd place 14:35 (PB) took the ranks of the best in the category of pupils st. And Matěj, as a younger student, fought in the older category

Jana Zikmundová on the 10km and Tereza Pittnerová on the 5km track did not reach the best stages this time, although they also deserve praise for their performances just beyond the OR. Denisa Brožková finished her 2nd race after 3 weeks of preparation on the 5-kilometer track.


Men (10 km): 1. Köpp (DEU) 41:11, 2. Úradník (SR) 41:16, 3. Hlaváč (ČR) 42:22.

Women (10 km): 1. Madarászová (Hungary) 46:52, 2. Katerinka Czaková (SR) 47:02, 3. Ďurdiaková (CZE) 47: 58,… 5. Burzalová (SR) 51:27.

Juniors (10 km): 1. D. Kováč (SR) 43:47, 2. N. Tóth (Hungary) 44:50, 3. Gál (both Hungary) 54:41.

Juniors (10 km): 1. Martíková (Czech Republic) 49:32, 2. Ragasová (SR) 49:51, 3. Cörgöová (Hungary) 54:12.

Adolescents (10 km): 1. Morávek (Czech Republic) 44:51, 2. Nemčok 46:58, 3. Mencel (both SR) 48:50.

Adolescents (5 km): 1. Spillerová (Hungary) 24:42, 2. Devaldová 24:53, 3. Hakulinová (both SR) 26:14.

Older students (3 km): 1. J. Bátovský 13:56, 2. Krestianko (both SR) 14:10, 3. Piták (Czech Republic) 14:35.

Older students (3 km): 1. Dudová (SR) 15:33, 2. Pittnerová (ČR) 15:43, 3. Hassanová (Hungary) 16:07.