We are very happy to say goodbye to virtual walking - real racing begins !!!

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We have one of the most difficult times of our lives behind us, we have lived in great fear of what will happen next.

Our joint sport kept us in the belief that we would win everything and be able to live, train and race normally again.

Thank you all for participating in virtual science, the goal was successful, we were able to tell our friends at a distance that we are fighting together, that we are trying to defeat an unpleasant opponent and that we have a common faith.

I consider moral support to be the most important thing, knowing that I am not alone in this is of great value.

Believe that we are thinking about the project of a joint meeting at the races, many of us are straight

unknown. We know where we live, that we have common interests and that we actually joined a joint team together!

In a virtual team, in a team that has formed spontaneously, without some "you have to".

A great opportunity for the meeting is the autumn - Prague walking clock and Podebrady.

Podebrady - October 10, 10 and a clock with the date October 2020, 17.

The feast of walking in Rumburk was planned for July 4. - this date is not possible here and I believe that during the week we will know when our race will take place and hopefully the borders will be opened at that time, we will be waiting for you!

We will be happy to welcome you all to the races.

Certainly our new friendship does not end, on the contrary it begins and I look forward to everyone at the start of a real race.

Thanks for the cooperation in the organization and evaluation to the gentlemen

Josef Smola and Udo Schaeffer



John Rein

AC Rumburk