Excellent results of Spartak Vrchlabí SMOLA KONSTRUKCE at the Czech Championships: Matěj Piták 2007, BRONZE, 16: 23,74 and Adéla Pittnerová 2006, 4th place, 17: 47,31

P1060266 2P1060286 2At the Championship of the Czech Republic, on September 20-22.9.2019, XNUMX in Kolín, the Spartak Vrchlabí SMOLA KONSTRUKCE. Matěj Piták convincingly won the BRONZE Medal in a personal record of 16: 23,74 on a 3.000m walk on the track, when the competitors in 1st and 2nd place before him are three years OLD !!!! So it is clear that in the coming years Matěj will put other juices in his pocket. In school Adéla Pittnerová, also set a new personal record of 17: 47,31 and finished in a beautiful 4th place! And another competitor from Spartak Vrchlabí SMOLA KONSTRUKCE Filip Klazar, when he closed the top ten competitors in his own Championship, power 20: 32,88min.

Congratulations to all three competitors and we will appreciate them at the Prague Walking Hour !!!!!!

First photo from the left: Matěj Piták in a relentless duel with two heads higher and three years older rivals

Second photo from the left: successful team Spartak Vrchlabí SMOLA KONSTRUKCE Ltd


RESULTS MČR pupils 3.000m ch on the track