On Saturday, March 23, 2019, the Czech Dudin Fifty - EA Race Walking Permit Meeting will host the Czech championship titles in the men's 50km walk.

FullSizeRender1In addition to the clear favorite for the championship title and the only Czech representative at the international level on this most difficult walking track Lukáš GDULA (Hvězda Pardubice) with a personal record of 3: 54: 29, several interesting, you can say "well-known companies" entered the championship competition. And it Ondra MOTL (ASK Slavia Prague), Vít HLAVÁČ (Tepo Kladno), Karel KETNER (SSK Vítkovice), Alexandr MALYSA (VSK Universita Brno) and veterans Tomáš HLAVENKA and Tomáš VOJTÍŠEK (both AC Moravská Slávia Brno).

Seven fighters will compete for the titles of the Czech Champion in the 50km walk, but there are only three medals, so it can be expected that not all entrants will finish the race. According to the training, Ondra Motl can be considered the biggest competitor for Lukáš Gdula. All remaining competitors can compete for the bronze medal. But it's fifty, so we know that the decision will be between 35-40.km. We are preparing an ON-LINE report from the race.

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