18 berl 7397To the Olympics in Tokyo with limits but also through the world rankings! At its meeting in Doha, Qatar, the Council of the International Association of Athletics Federations definitively approved a dual qualifying system for the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, where 1900 athletes should compete in the Queen of Sports.

Athletes can qualify for the games either by meeting extremely strict performance limits or by standing in the world rankings. The IAAF said in a press release from the Doha meeting that the system was set so that the expected number of participants in each discipline would be met proportionally - half of the participants should qualify for Tokyo by meeting the limit, the other half based on ranking. In essence, the point is that other competitors without "limits" will "pick up" the limit players in individual disciplines based on their position in the world rankings.

Pedestrians can meet the limits for the 2020 Olympics for 20 km in the period from 1 January 1 to 2019 June 29, and for 6 km from 2020 January 50 to 1 May 1.


20 km walk (60 - 60): 1:21:00 - 1: 31: 00h

50 km walk (60): 3: 50: 00h

Note: Behind the discipline we state the expected number of starting men and women.

The entire IAAF qualification system for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo can be found here:

OH 2020 - qualification system and limits

Photo text:

In order for Anežka Drahotová to start walking in Tokyo for 20 km, she must meet the 1:31:00 h limit, or finish high in the world rankings. Of course, the same is true for Lukáš Gdula, in his case to meet a very hard limit of 50 km at 3:50 am or to end up high in the world rankings. And of course this also applies to anyone else, but at the moment I do not know who I would name, because no one else is with us and will not be until 00 .........